All-Mountain Snowboards

Go anywhere with our All-Mountain boards

Most riders want a board that can go anywhere, which is why All-Mountain snowboards are such a popular chioce. They’re a perfect choice for the versatile rider who wants to shred powder in the mornings, snake the park before lunch then rip some hard-packed groomers and a few cheeky side hits in the afternoon.

A really varied category

The exact specifications of an All-Mountain board can be difficult to pin down. A lot have combined rocker-camber profiles with more directional shapes and slightly set back stances that would suit the off-piste, while others come in more freestyle-happy true-twin shapes. 

The jack of all trades

Whichever flavor you choose, the main thing is that they’ll be comfortable in most conditions. Some lean a little more towards the park, others are more comfortable heading into powder, and some are geared a bit more to the hard-pack snow conditions, but they’ll all do a pretty good job across the whole hill.

What to look out for

If you’re a beginner, boards with more flex and tighter sidecuts would be the way to go. If you want more high-speed performance, something a little stiffer and straighter that will handle well at high speeds is what we’d recommend. If you’re more into riding switch and taking things to the park, you should checkout something that’s a little shorter, perhaps in a true-twin or directional-twin shape.

Need some help to choose?

There's so much choice, even within the All-Mountain category, that it can be difficult to decide what you need. It might help to get a better undestanding of how different shapes, profiles, flex patterns and sidecuts will affect the performance of your board, before you make a choice.

Check out our Snowboard Buyer's Guide for the lowdown on what to look for, then take a look at our Snowboard Size Guide to make sure you get the right size.

If you'd rather deal with a real human being, that's cool too - just get in touch with one of the team and we'll be happy to help.