All-Mountain Skis

Go anywhere with our all-mountain skis

All-mountain skis are just what they sound like – they’re built to perform everywhere on the mountain – whether that’s carving down groomers, lapping the park, picking through trees or blasting down a steep powder face.

Skis in this category can take a variety of shapes and forms, so to choose the right one you’ll need to understand your ability and where you like to ski the most.

Waist width and shape

One of the most important factors in an all-mountain ski is the underfoot width. Generally speaking, the wider the ski, the more float and performance you’re going to get in deep snow and off-piste, while a narrower ski will be more agile and easier to turn on groomed terrain.

If you’re into spending more time on groomed trails, a ski closer to 80mm with a deeper sidecut and more of a carving shape will give you the quick turns and agility that you need to make the most of the conditions. If you’re going to be spending more time off-piste, a slimmed-down backcountry model that’s closer to 95mm underfoot, might be more your style.

Ability level and flex

Beginners will get on better with a narrower, nimbler ski, that’s quick from edge to edge, with a more forgiving flex. More experienced riders can start to play with wider waist widths and stiffer flexing skis that will stand up better to higher speeds, bigger hits and deeper snow.

Need a little more info?

If you want to know more about how to choose the right ski, check out our Ski Buyer’s Guide, then take a look at our Ski Size Guide to check you’re buying the correct length.

Rather speak to one of the team? That’s cool – just get in touch. We’ll be happy to answer any questions that you might have.