Anon Goggle Lens Guide

Anon Goggle Lens and Replacement Lens Guide

Coming from the stable of snowboard heroes Burton, Anon ski and snowboard goggles are massively popular around the world for their strong looks and even stronger performance. There’s a superb selection of Anon goggles to choose from, and with replacement lenses available for each model, you can be sure to find something that’ll provide great protection, clarity and detail in virtually any possible weather condition.

If you’re considering an Anon goggle and you’re not sure which lens or combination of lenses is right for you, then you’ve come to the right place. Our lens guide will help to explain the range available and the technology that goes into them, so you can make an informed choice. We’ll explain what makes each Anon goggle lens unique, which conditions they suit, and the amount of light they’ll transmit to your eye.

The Technical Bit

The lowdown on lenses

Although your goggles will usually come with a single lens, it’s unlikely that they’ll work to the highest level in all weather conditions and light levels. While there are some good all-rounder lenses out there, generally you’ll benefit from a couple of different specialist lenses to prepare you for anything that the mountain can throw at you.

Talking about transmission

Each lens will be tinted to absorb certain wavelengths and intensities of light. What the lens doesn’t absorb it lets through to your eye. We describe the amount of light that can pass through the lens as Visual Light Transmission (VLT)

It’s usually described as a percentage, the higher the percentage, the more light is allowed through to your eye. Generally, you’ll want a higher VLT percentage for lower light conditions so you can see well, and a lower VLT for brighter conditions to protect your eyes against the sun and glare.

Fine tuning colour

You might find that some lenses aimed at lower light conditions actually allow less light through to your eyes than others. This is because you don’t always use the whole spectrum of visual light to see clearly.

Certain high-end lenses can enhance the colours of light that help you to see in certain conditions, by tuning out and absorbing the wavelengths of light that you don’t need. So while you’re getting less light overall, you’re getting plenty of the wavelengths that you need to see clearly.

Contrast, detail and depth perception

Anon uses a combination of different base tints and coatings to tune lenses for different conditions, but whatever the conditions, you can be sure they’ll be trying to retain as much clarity of vision and detail as possible.
Detail is key for depth perception – those subtle differences in shadow, light and dark can make a huge difference to your ability to see and avoid obstacles when you’re flying down a mountain. That’s why so much of Anon’s goggle lens technology goes into preserving and enhancing that all-important visual contrast.

Special base lenses, mirrored coatings and polarisation all play a part in reducing glare from snow, boosting contrast and rinsing as much detail as possible from the light that’s available to your eye.

Gradients and variable VLT

In an effort to create solutions that work in a wide variety of light conditions, Anon have developed a number of models that use a tint gradient across the lens. The idea being that generally, most bright light comes from above, so the lens will be darker at the top to protect your eye from the sun’s strongest rays. The lower part of the lens will then have a clearer tint with a higher VLT rating, so that you can see more of the fine detail that you need to judge depth and assess terrain.

This solution can really help to improve a lens’ versatility, but it’s worth remembering that in very bright conditions, you’ll experience a lot of glare and light bouncing up from the snow below, which may reduce the effectiveness of a gradient lens.


One of the best features of Anon’s goggle and lens range is their Magna-Tech system. Models equipped with Magna-Tech use a system of magnets to fix the lens in place in the goggle. That means when conditions change and you need to try a different lens, you can snap your spares on and off with ease. 

It’s a far quicker and easier system than many of Anon’s competitors offer and it’s surprisingly solid too, so you needn’t worry about losing your latest lens to a strong gust of wind or a bad fall.

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A few of our favourites

When it's bright and bluebird

Smoke Polar

Anon Smoke Polarised

We're a fan of the stealthy look of the Smoke Polar, and with an 8% VLT rating it's ideal for protecting your eyes on those bright sunny days. Like the Dark Smoke lens it's got a neutral tint so you see colours naturally as they are, but you also get the added glare reduction and increased contrast that comes from top notch polarisation. It's a little more pricey and only available for certain models, but it's a cracking lens. Can't get the Polar? Try the Blue Cobalt – another quality bright light lens.

When it's a whiteout

Blue Lagoon

Anon Blue Lagoon Lens

The whiteout king, for when it's flatter than a pancake out there, is the Blue Lagoon. With a whopping 80% VLT it's only going to give you protection in the most overcast conditions, but it'll squeeze every last ounce of detail out of whatever light you can muster on those flat light days. It uses an intense yellow base to boost contrast to the max, while a multi-layer blue tint further enhances detail, sharpness and depth perception. The Yellow gets our vote too – a real low light specialist despite a slightly lower VLT rating.

For everything in between

Pink SQ

Anon Pink SQ Goggle Lens

The Pink SQ uses a tint formula that's unique to Anon to give great low light performance while only allowing a relatively small amount of visual light to be transmitted to the eye. That lower VLT will also mean that if things do brighten up, you'll get much more protection and reduced eye fatigue than you'd get with other lenses aimed at low light situations. The Pink SQ uses its clever formula to deliver unreal levels of detail in a huge variety of conditions from overcast days, to broken cloudy spells and bright sunlight. The Silver Amber lens is another great all-rounder if you're after a different look.

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Explore the range

Lens Lens Name Ideal Conditions Light Level VLT Description
Anon Goggle Clear Lens Clear Night Super Low Light 85% Clear lens with minimal tint for maximum light transmission with neutral colour perception and true vision.
Clear Gradient Night Spotlights 27% A specialist lens for riding under spotlights at night. The clear base lens gives natural colour transmission and detail from below, while the dark gradient protects against bright light from above.
Anon Replacement Lens Guide - Red Ice Red Ice Night, whiteout, snowy, overcast Very low light and flat conditions 80% A clear base is given a contrast-enhancing red mirror tint to give almost clear lens light transmission levels with increased detail and depth perception.
Anon Blue Lagoon Lens Blue Lagoon Whiteout, snowy, overcast Flat or very low light 80% A multi-layer blue tint on top of a high contrast yellow base tint enhances definition, giving you the depth perception you need in low light situations.
Anon Yellow Lens Yellow Whiteout, snowy, overcast Flat or low light conditions 75% A detail-enhancing vibrant yellow tint increases your sharpness of vision in very low light conditions.
Anon Amber Lens Amber Snowy, overcast, broken cloud Low to medium light conditions 55% This versatile lens gives excellent shadow definition and depth perception in a range of conditions by filtering out blue light.
Anon Pink SQ Pink SQ Cloud, broken cloud, sunshine Low to medium and bright light


The SQ is Anon's own unique pink lens tint, aimed at reducing eye fatigue in bright light while giving you the contrast, detail and depth perception you need when it's overcast. A true all-rounder!
Anon Silver Amber Lens Silver Amber Cloud, broken cloud, sunshine Low to medium and bright light 35% Another strong all-rounder that combines an amber base with a silver mirror to give protection from brighter light with the detail you need in lower light.
Anon Light Rose Lens Light Rose Gradient Cloud, broken cloud, sunshine Low to medium and bright light 22% This lens acheives great results in a huge range of conditions by using a tint gradient. Darker at the top to protect from bright light, clearer at the bottom to allow clarity in lower light conditions.
Anon Yellow Grey Gradient Lens Yellow Grey Gradient Cloud, broken cloud, sunshine Low to medium and bright light 22% Yellow grey gradient, like the light rose, uses a tint gradient to give variable light transmission. Letting less light through from above while giving a brighter view of terrain from below.
Anon Red Grey Gradient Lens Red Grey Gradient Cloud, broken cloud, sunshine Low to medium and bright light 12% Another gradient tint with a dark grey at the top to shield against bright sun, while the red lower tint gives good clarity of terrain in lower light conditions.
Anon Blue Amber Lens Blue Amber Broken cloud, sunshine Medium to bright light 50% Using a mirrored multi-layer blue coating over an amber base, this versatile lens is a top performer in a broad range of situations.
Anon Gold Chrome Lens Gold Chrome Broken cloud, sunshine Medium to bright light 40% Anon's amber base tint is great at enhancing detail by filtering out blue light, while their high-contrast gold mirror adds even more sharpness when light is lower.
Anon Blue Silver Fade Lens Blue Silver Fade Broken cloud, sunshine Medium to bright light 40% A silver mirror fade applied to the top of the lens adds protection from direct sunlight while the blue base tint minimises glare from indirect light.
Anon Blue Fusion Lens Blue Fusion Broken cloud, sunshine Medium to bright light


The rose base tint gives high-contrast detail in a broad range of conditions, while the blue mirror finish eases eye strain in brighter conditions.
Anon Silver Rose Lens Silver Rose Broken cloud, sunshine Medium to bright light 30% A silver mirror on top of a high-contrast rose tinted base gives this lens a great mix of protection and visual sharpness in a wide range of conditions.
Anon Blue Solex Lens Blue Solex Sunshine Bright light 25% This lens uses a blue mirror over a dark bronze lens tint to cut glare from snow and sun, drastically reducing eye fatigue in very bright conditions.
Anon Red Solex Lens Red Solex Sunshine Bright light 25% The red solex, like it's blue brother, uses a dark bronze base with added mirror coating to reduce eye fatigue and glare while maintaining detail and clarity.
Anon Green Solex Lens Green Solex Sunshine Bright light 18% Dark bronze base lens tint with a multi-layer Green Mirror cuts glare and reduces eye fatigue in super sunny conditions.
Anon Silver Solex Lens Silver Solex Sunshine Bright light 18% A dark bronze lens tint with silver coating makes this a top-performer in bright conditions. Shielding against fatiue while giving excellent detail.
Anon Dark Smoke Lens Dark Smoke Bright sunshine Very bright light 8% A neutral dark grey base tint that's designed to protect the eye and retain detail in very bright conditions without distorting colours.
Anon Smoke Polar Lens Smoke Polar Bright sunshine Very bright light 8% A neutral grey tint, ideal for very bright conditions, with the added glare reduction and contrast that comes from being polarized. 
Blue Cobalt Blue Cobalt Bright sunshine Very bright light 6% Cobalt are Anon's ultimate bight light lenses, with an ultra-protective dark grey base and multi-layered coating to reduce eye fatigue while maintaining contrast.
Anon Pink Cobalt Lens Pink Cobalt Bright sunshine Very bright light 6% The pink cobalt is one of Anon's finest bright light lenses, with a multi-layer pink on top of their super-protective grey base, they massively reduce eye fatigue while maintining detail and depth perception.

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