Anon Goggle Lens Guide

Anon Goggle Lens Guide

Anon Ski and Snowboard Goggles have been producing high quality product since 1993 with a focus of supporting the best athletes with the best products.

Anon have been at the forefront of evolution of making functional, high performance goggles and lenses.  Most notable is the Magna tech system which introduced magnetic fitting of goggle lenses to their goggles which provided the easiest lens changes imaginable.

Anon produces a wide range of Lens choices and many of the Anon goggles come with a bonus lens allowing you to quickly change them to suit either low light conditions or very bright sunlight and sometimes glare. Many of the Goggles that come a single lens will cover a broader range of light conditions.

With a wide range of Replacement Anon Goggle Lenses to choose from, it can often be hard to know which is the best one to pick, so we’ve produced this Anon Ski and Snowboard Goggle Replacement Lens Guide to help you decide which is best for you.

If you are still unsure, feel free to call the store on +44 (0)131 260 9677 and one of our experts will be happy to talk you through the options

Lens Types – Overview:

Each ski or snowboard goggle lens is tailored towards a specific percentage of light transmission and glare from the sun reflecting on the snow. With this in mind the higher percentage of light transmission will work well in dark or flat light conditions, whereas a low percentage of light transmission is better for a sunny day allowing you to have maximum clarity and protection.

Seperately, colour contrast is also important to give you a clearer definition of the snow and ground you are skiing or snowboarding on. As you will see from the guide below, there are a number of lens types that share the same % of light transmission, but due to the colour of the lens, or if it features an Ionized coating, it will reduce glare or enhance contrast. As you may have experienced on the mountain, it can be very foggy or the light can be very flat, yet quite bright. Alternatively the light can be very clear and bright, but due to shadows of trees the mountain peaks, the terrain can be very dark and undefined in the shadows.

In the table below you can see the specific light transmission of each lens that Anon offers.

It's important to note that not all of these lenses are available for each and every Anon Goggle in our range.

From experience on the mountain, we would recommend the  Blue Lagoon or Yellow lenses as the best low-light conditions lens, providing great contrast in flat light, but also being ideal for slightly brighter conditions.

For bright days, we would recommend the Red Solex, Green Solex or Blue Solex lenses, offering the best clarity when the sun is shining bright in a blue sky.

Here’s Freeze Pro Shop’s Anon Lens guide where you can find out how each of the Anon lenses compare. These are listed in order of light transmission with those at the top of the table most suited for flat light and night riding through to those which are best for the brightest conditions.

In an ideal world, we’d suggest opting for having two lenses – one for bright light and one for flat light. If, however, you want to keep your goggle set-up to a specific budget or can’t be bothered with changing lenses and carry a spare then the lenses between Amber and Silver Amber will serve you well.

Lens Name / Colour

Best Use:

Light Transmission


The clear lens has the highest light transmission and is suitable for really cloudy days and for night riding. For cloudy days we would recommend going for a more yellow lens for more contrast but this can’t be beaten for night riding in artificial light so if you want a lens to do both flat light and night-time go for this.


Red Ice

The Anon Red Ice Lens is for very flat light and night riding with a high light transmission. Compared to the clear lens (also suited for night riding) this will give improved contrast due to the red tint.


Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon lens is best suited for low light with a high light transmission and a blue tint which gives improved contrast on cloudy days when the light it flat.



The Anon Yellow lens is our recommendation for flat light conditions and this lens will give you the best visibility when it’s super cloudy and flat light. Stay out on the hill longer when it’s dumping, get yourself some yellow lenses.



Amber is a good all weather choice – the orange tint gives extra contrast in flatter light whilst it’s dark enough to protect your eyes when it’s brighter


Gold Chrome

The Gold Chrome lens is an all-round lens suitable for both brighter days and flatter lights. The mirroring is subtle enough you’ll have contrast on flat light days but still enough protection when the sun comes out.


Blue Silver Fade

The Anon Blue Silver Fade lens is best suited for brighter conditions. The blue tint gives improved contrast if it gets cloudier but the main feature is the silver fade which reflects a majority of the bright light to reduce glare. With 40% light transmission it’s an all-rounder which is best on brighter days.


Silver Amber

The Anon Silver Amber lens is a one-lens-for-all-conditions type of lens! The Amber base lens gives contrast on flatter light while the silver mirror is ideal for bright conditions.


Silver Rose

The Anon Silver Rose lens is an all-round lens with a great balance of contrast and definition in flat light and protection and reflection when the suns out.


Red Solex

The Anon Red Solex Lens is for medium to bright days. It’s not as dark as some lenses and retains some contrast for flatter light conditions but the red mirror gives strong reflection / protection when it’s sunny out.


Blue Solex

The Anon Blue Solex Lens is for brighter days with only 25% light transmission. The main lens colour is a dark bronze which blocks out the brightest light on sunny days ensuring you don’t struggle with glare and blinding light.


Silver Solex

The Anon Silver Solex is suited for the brightest conditions with a low light transmission and silver mirror finish on the outer lens.


Green Solex

The Anon Green Solex lens is a bright light lens with a low light transmission thanks to a bronze base lens. The mirror on the outer lens significantly reduces glare and brightness when it’s bluebird.


Red Grey Gradient

The Anon Red Grey Gradient lens has a variable light transmission with the top being a darker grey to block out bright light whilst the red at the bottom of the lens gives improved contrast and definition on flatter light. Best suited for sunny days but also suitable if the light gets a bit flat late in the day or if the weather changes.


Smoke Polar

The Anon Smoke Polarised Lens is for bright conditions and the polarised optics mean glare will be reduced even more. This is the best lens for bright conditions where glare might be an issue.


Dark Smoke

The Anon Dark Smoke lens is for bright conditions where you want to protect your eyes from the brightest of sunshine that you’d experience in the spring and summer of when riding at high altitude resorts. At 8% light transmission the Dark Smoke is one of the darkest lenses in the Anon range. It looks super stealth too.


Pink Cobalt

Anon’s Pink Cobalt lens has the lowest light transmission of any of their lenses and is for the brightest conditions on a bluebird day.