Grivel Rambo Evo 4 Crampons

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The best bits...
Grivel Rambo Evo 4 Crampons
Grivel Rambo Evo 4 Crampons


Grivel's range's most technical crampon is now at its fourth evolution, integrating grivel's active anti balling plate and simplifying all adjustments. There is just one screw to adjust the length, one screw to substitute a point and one screw to position the spur.

The cramp-o-matic binding is well known system which relies on a nylon speed lever in the rear and a stainless steel front bale to hold the boot. Quick to put on, these bindings are perfect for plastic mountaineering boots that have a rigid sole and substantial heel and toe welts.

The Best Bits

The best bits...

  • Rigid crampon with anatomic curve
  • The stainless steel safety strap, invented by grivel, is permanently mounted on the front bale and prevents total loss of the crampon should it be forced off the boot
  • Asymmetrical forged mono point, extremely easy to substitute with just one screw
  • Integrated with a half point external lateral support point, a new solution for external support
  • Structure in rigid plastic acts as a spacer for the screws and as support for the supple rubber anti-balling device
  • Accordeon in supple rubber holds together the front and rear parts of the anti balling system.
  • Four retention points for descent
  • Moveable spur


Grivel Rambo Evo 4 Crampons


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