Burton Ion Boots

The Ion is somewhat of a Burton institution. A mainstay in their boot range for over a decade, it’s become the technical benchmark to which other snowboard companies have aspired.

It’s hard to describe the feeling of riding in a pair as anything other than sheer pleasure. Burton will tell you it’s a tech heavy, stiff charging boot but our experience and that of our team riders paints a different picture; slightly stiffer than mid-flex, it offers the wearer just enough medial and lateral flex for hitting park features and piste-side jibs but without losing crucial response on heel and toe side turns. This makes it ideal for performance driven all mountain riders who want a boot that inspires confidence on powder days or steep descents but remains forgiving enough to handle rail hits and kicker landings.

Utilising Burton’s Speed Zone lacing system means entering and exiting the boot is a breeze and on-slope adjustments couldn?t be easier. With traditional laces if you don?t get the tightness just right at the start of the day then it’s often a case of undoing and redoing them until you hit that sweet-spot. Speed Zone not only allows you to instantly adjust the boot’s tightness but also individually tune the fit of the upper and lower boot meaning you can crank up the laces around your foot for ultimate hold whilst letting them out a bit around your shin for a more freestyle range of movement.

Unlike traditional liners the laces aren?t part of the inner but are instead laced through a cuff which is stitched onto the walls of shell. This means when you tighten the inner laces it pulls the liner into the back of the shell. The result is unrivalled heel retention and a boot that feels ?connected? rather than just a liner which is free to swim around inside the boot. Coupled with in-built j-bars your heel and ankle are held in super tight.

The outsole features Burton’s EST optimised midsole which, building on the technology found in their channel bindings, is designed to improve board feel through use of a less dense sole unit. On top of that is AutoCant cushioning, a Dual-density EVA layer which allows your foot to fall into natural alignment, resulting in increased comfort, performance and control.

If you suffer from poor circulation or tend to feel the cold more than most then the integrated Sleeping Bag Reflective Foil is a god send. This new low-profile and lightweight underfoot technology reflects heat back to the feet, improving both warmth and comfort when faced with cold conditions. The liner also features Burton’s Dryride moisture wicking tech so as well as feeling completely secure in the boot, the toe box insulates and regulates warmth by pulling moisture away from your skin.

All of this and more is packaged in a sleek and minimal design to create a boot which is more about the performance than making a fashion statement. It’s not the cheapest boot in the world but it’s the most well known and frankly you really haven?t experienced the pinnacle of comfort and performance until you’ve had your foot in an Ion.