Camp Freeze

For the vast majority of us, time in the wilderness affords us a welcome change of pace. It allows us time to reflect, relax and appreciate the environment we so often overlook in our day-to-day lives.

We return to our primitive hunter-gathers selves, free from the distractions and constraints of modern life and its technologies. It’s great for the soul and it satisfies our need and desire for adventure. It’s both alluring and evocative.

As skiers, snowboarders and surfers we feel an affinity with the natural world, so when the season draws to a close we take to the hills, forests and beaches in our droves to satisfy our yearning for the outdoors, tiding us over until the next big snowfall or swell.

At Freeze we?re no different. For years our staff have spent their off-seasons hiking glens, swimming in rivers and lochs and camping under the stars, so we felt it was about time we catered for people like us because after all, you?re one of us.

This Spring/Summer sees the introduction of camping and outdoor equipment to our range. We’ve got everything you could possibly need to make the wild your home-away-from-home, ranging from sleeping bags and mats to tents and cookware.

With brands ranging from the obvious; MSR, Vango, Sea to Summit, Thermarest and The North Face, to the not so obvious; Burton X Big Agnes and Poler, we’ve got something for everyone. Whether it’s your first foray into the wilds or you?re a seasoned outdoorsman, Freeze has the goods to make your trip a memorable one.