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Christmas Gift Ideas 2018

Christmas Gift Ideas 2018

December is here, and we’ve found ourselves discussing the ‘art of giving’ at Freeze HQ. Whilst most of us are at least a little prepared, we realised that there are really just two types of people when it comes to buying Christmas presents: those that buy all their gifts at least 6 months early, and those that wait for the inopportune moment (sometime around the 23rd December) to scrabble together a collection of items that may, or may not, be worthy of the title - ‘gifts’. In an effort to aid the ‘late purchasers’ amongst us, and hopefully kickstart our own Christmas shopping, we’ve collated a series of gift guides to inspire your present buying this Christmas 2018. 

You’ll find some cool gift ideas for skiers and snowboarders, as well a selection of quality surf presents that’ll go down a treat, and some awesome & affordable outdoor equipment that’s bound to bring a smile to friends and family this Festive season. 

It’s still early, but especially for our international customers, the time is rapidly approaching where you’ll need to get those orders in so that they arrive in time for the big day. Find out more here.

Ski and Snowboard Christmas Gift Ideas

It’s that time of year again. Don’t worry, we’re all scrambling to around trying to get that perfect gift too. It’s not that we don’t care, because we do, honest. But it’s no lie that we all dread the battle of finding your friend or loved one a Christmas gift that they’ll actually appreciate, a present that at least appears like it’s been well thought out… 

So, we’ve spent a bit of time taking a look at our best-sellers for him & her and compiled a list of awesome ski and snowboard christmas gifts. This festive-present pick has you covered, from big budget to stocking filler, these gifts will be with you in plenty time for Christmas Day. 

Christmas Gift List 2018 Freeze Pro Shop Ski and Snowboard

Surf Christmas Gift Ideas

Buying something cool for your significant-surfer is a tough thing to do. Surfing is an inherently personal pastime and the equipment people choose to use is a very individual decision, and normally expensive too. However, there’s some stuff that almost all surfers can’t go without like a healthy supply of Sex Wax… 

We’ve thrown in a few more quality gift ideas in this comprehensive Christmas present list to include some lesser known surfing essentials.

Christmas Gift List 2018 Freeze Pro Shop Surf

Outdoor Christmas Gift Ideas

The outdoors is a pretty nice place to spend some time. So, we’ve taken some of our favourite, and some unexpected, outdoor equipment that’ll make that time so much sweeter. Have a look through our gift list to inspire your outdoor-related present purchasing this Christmas. We’ve put together a comprehensive selection of outdoorsman, or outdoorswoman, essentials that’ll go down a storm. 

Christmas Gift List 2018 Freeze Pro Shop Outdoor