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Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas, Christmas, Christmas… it’s always somewhat of a struggle, but you’ve just got to embrace it. Seems like it comes around earlier and earlier every year, yet at the same time, it’s all too easy to leave the gift buying until the last minute, when it becomes a mad rush to end up buying a poorly considered mish-mash of stuff that may well miss the mark.

Well, we know it’s still early, but especially for our international customers, the time is rapidly approaching where you’ll need to get those orders in so that they arrive in time for the big day. But rather than just reminding you of that fact, we thought we’d be a little more helpful, by suggesting a few things that you might want to consider for that special skier, snowboarder, surfer or outdoorsperson in your life.

So, without further ado, check out our first selection of gift ideas for Christmas 2018.

For the lady in your life…

Eivy Underknee

Eivy Under Knee Alpine Socks

It’s Christmas and, as one of the team here at Freeze HQ proposed a few days ago, “if you don’t receive socks for Christmas you’re just not loved”. Perhaps that’s a little harsh, but still, socks are a festive staple and for good reason. They’re the sort of thing you rarely spend money on for yourself but there are some truly lovely examples out there if you know where to look. We stock plenty, and these Eivy examples are up there with the best. 

Eivy Icecold

Eivy Icecold Leggings

The Scandinavian brand is a new one for us and we’re pretty excited about them. It’s not often that a women’s-specific brand comes along in our industry and offers something different, but with their bold designs and commitment to quality materials, Eivy are certainly delivering the goods. These thermal leggings work as a warm and breathable baselayer, but they also look great down at the yoga studio or just mooching around the house.

Sorel 1964 Pac 2

Sorel 1964 Pac 2 Boot

As our Canadian friends will undoubtedly know, Sorel are a huge brand in the ski resorts of North America. If she likes the cosiness of an Ugg boot, but you know they would suck in snow, and you aren’t nearly Euro enough to entertain the Moon Boot, then Sorel is exactly what your woman needs this winter. Super-stylish, crafted from quality materials and one of the warmest things you could possibly hope to have on your feet in cold conditions.

Fjallraven Kanken

Fjallraven Kanken Backpack

One of the most iconic backpacks that was ever devised, the simple little Kanken backpack from Fjallraven is somewhat of a modern design classic. The huge range of bright bold colourways, and refined, elegant design have made the Kanken an insanely popular pack around the world. Don’t be fooled though, it’s not going anywhere and still grabs the attention from Fjallraven fans and fashion-forward females in equal measure.

For the manly man…

Patagonia Fjord Flannel

Patagonia Fjord Flannel Shirt

Oh, the cosy warmth and lumber-sexual styles of the flannel shirt. This wardrobe essential just never goes out of style, and if you’re looking for a particularly fine example to show the man in your life just how much he means, the Fjord from Patagonia is a superb choice. Premium 100% cotton throughout and a choice of colourways to suit any skin tone. Winner.

Coal Tracker

Coal Tracker Hat

If your man loves the lumberjack look, he may well be willing to take the next step and go full deerstalker. But you don’t have to go to the charity shop and dig out some flea-ridden tweed number from the 1950s, oh no. You can bring that style right up to the 21st century with something like this – the Coal Tracker. Stylish looks, warm ears. The ultimate combination.

Stance Star Wars

Stance Star Wars Classic Gift Set

STAR WARS SOCKS. YES! Do I need to say any more? Surely that should be enough? Well, okay. They’re not just any socks. They’re Stance socks. Super high quality, and probably slightly more premium than you’d always buy for yourself, so an ideal gift idea. And they’ve been seen on all manner of celebs including Canada’s own dashing dude-in-charge, Justin Trudeau. This is a big old box of six pairs, but we do them individually too.

Nike Air Janoski Max

Nike Janoski Max

If you know his shoe size, then don’t be shy of opting for a fresh pair of sneaks for Chrimbo. Winter is tough on trainers, so it’s the ideal time to add another pair to his arsenal. If you’re looking for a dependable classic that suits most styles, the Janoski Max is ideal. Lightweight, durable, and obscenely comfy with that air bubble in the heel. And they even come in a festive red!

For the snow lover… 

Patagonia POW hat

Patagonia Powder Town Beanie

Literally, everyone should own a nice beanie. Let’s face it, you should really own several. And there’s never an occasion where the snow-fanatic in your life is not overjoyed to receive one. Christmas is just one other occasion on that long list of happy times when a beanie makes sense, and the Powder Town from our friends at Patagonia is a fine example. Of course, it wouldn’t be Patagonia if it wasn’t doing something worthwhile, so this particular model helps to support the ever-important Protect Our Winters movement. Great stuff.

Oakley Fall Line

Oakley Fall Line Goggle

For the skier or snowboarder in your life, goggles are a solid gift choice any day of the week. And believe us when we say, that nobody is going to be disappointed if they pull a set of Oakley Fall Line goggles out of their stocking. That cylindrical rimless style is so popular right now, and you’ve got the choice of Oakley’s wide range of super-tech Prizm lenses. Say no more.

Anon WM1

Anon WM1 Goggle

For a more feminine feel, there’s the Anon WM1. The cylindrical lens gives a huge range of peripheral vision with minimal distortion, and the clever venting design allows hot air to pass out the top while dragging colder air in underneath to keep them nice and fog free. With magnetic quick-change lenses and some bright and breezy colourways, they’re the gift of choice for chicks who shred.

Hestra Gloves 720

Hestra Ergo Grip Incline

A quality set of gloves can make the difference between a very good day in the mountains and a miserable one. They’re also a category that sits in that sweetspot of a present-giving price range that allows you to show you care without breaking the bank. Mind you there are also options which will break the bank and let you show that you reeeeally care, but thankfully, the Ergo Grip Incline from Hestra isn’t one of those. It’s just a great wee simple glove, crafted from supple leather by a well renowned brand. A classy option for any skier or boarder.

Salmon Arms Classic Mitt

Salmon Arms Basic Mitt

From gloves to mitts, and there’s a new kid on the block when it comes to super fun snow mitts, in the form of BC’s own Salmon Arms. Inspired by good times with friends, the core snowboard brand has got a cool range of warm mitts in all sorts of crazy designs that are oh so on-trend for the park rats and urban warriors of Western Canada. But don’t worry, if you’re neither of the above, they still work just as well around the nursery slopes or on the way to the pub. 

Toko Iron

Toko Wax Iron

Give the gift of maintenance this festive season with a handy wax iron from Toko. If you’re a mum or dad, or even someone who shares a joint bank account with the loved-one in question, then it’s in your interest to encourage them to look after their far more expensive skis or board. You can tell them it’s because you want them to go faster and have more fun. They’ll never know the truth.

For the water baby…

Sex Wax Xmas Stocking

Sex Wax Stocking

Let’s face it, there’s nothing more Christmassy than a stocking, and instead of picking up your own stocking fillers for that special surfer in your life, you can grab them their very own Sex Wax stocking. Packed with wax-related treats, it’s a treasure trove of delight from a true cult brand.

Ocean & Earth XT One

Ocean & Earth Premium One XT Leash

Surf accessories are always a safe choice at Christmas, with plenty in the range to suit any budget. Leashes are one of those key essentials that everyone needs, and you tend to use them until they’re pretty beat-up and dog-eared. So if you think your loved-one is in need of a new one, we’d thoroughly recommend the Premium XT from Ocean and Earth. Strong, comfortable to wear, with loads of different sizes, options and colourways.

Mizu V8

Mizu V8

Christmas is a time when we tear through a hell of a lot of packaging and plastic as a society. It’s not generally a great time for the environment, if we’re honest. Make sure you recycle what you can, and perhaps think about giving a gift that helps rather than hinders the problem. Reusable drink bottles are a great example, and surfers tend to love them as they should mean that less throwaway plastic ends up in the ocean. Happy days for drinks, hot or cold!

For the outdoor enthusiast…

Black Diamond Storm

Black Diamond Storm Head Lamp

Maybe they ski, maybe they snowboard, maybe they surf, maybe they do none of the above – there are still plenty of present options for everyone who loves the outdoors in our outdoor store. And if there was ever anything that tied us together as outdoorspeople, it is our inability to see in the dark. A good headtorch is a backcountry essential for everything from evening treeline trail runs to overnight camping missions, and the Black Diamond Storm Head Lamp is one of the best.

Leatherman Juice SX

Leatherman Juice SX

I recall getting a swiss army knife for Christmas when I was but a small child. To this day, despite inadvertently cutting myself to ribbons with the thing, it is one of the best and most exciting things I ever received as a nipper. Now, as a grown man, the Leatherman is something that has the same effect on me, and this 11-in-1 SX is a fine example. The multi-faceted nature of the thing. The sheer handiness of it. How compact and neat it is. No matter what you do in the outdoors, life is made 432% better with a Leatherman in your pocket. Fact.

Wahaco Minipresso

Wacaco Minipresso GR

Hipster or no hipster, there’s just no excuse for drinking crap coffee – wherever you are. That hot brown stuff that comes from the granules isn’t deserving of the name coffee. It’s just not the same thing. Just leave that stuff alone. And don’t go compromising your high standards just because you’re in the backcountry. Don’t expect your loved-ones to neither. Give them the gift of espresso every day with the super-compact Wacaco Minipresso GR portable espresso machine. They will thank you.

Poler Camp Vibes

Poler camp vibes mug

Invested in the proper nice coffee? Well, what are you going to drink it out of? You know, they say we taste with our eyes, so it’s best to help things along by choosing a super-fly mug to enjoy it from. They don’t come much more fly than the Polar Camp Vibes mug. Enamel styles and bold design to complete your camping setup.

That’s it for now folks. Hope you enjoyed. Now go and grab them before they go!

Check out our suggested last Christmas order dates too, and make sure you don’t miss out.