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Cool Holidays

Cool Holidays

The days are flying by at a steady rate for us at Freeze HQ, the Scottish summer is underway, and all this scorching sunshine is getting us amped for what’s in store! If you’re searching out some staycation adventures, or road-tripping to foreign shores, we’ve got a killer collection of enjoyment-enhancing equipment to maximise your holiday fun for years to come.

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Tree Tents and Hammocks

Take your campsite adventures to the next level, literally. Tentsile’s tree-hung tents bring a whole new dimension to your camping trip or summer staycation.

Tentsile Stealth Family Tree Tent - A portable treehouse for the whole family

If you’re needing a bit more protection for overnight stays, then the Stealth Tree Tent has space for a whole family and serious adverse-weather capabilities – useful if you’re holidaying in the UK…

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Tentsile stealth 355 Tentsile stealth 355 setup freeze pro shop.jpeg

Tentsile T-Mini Hammock - ideal for dreamy summer sleep-outs

The T-Mini Double Hammock works amazingly as a hard-wearing and portable treehouse – it’ll keep the kids (and the adults) occupied for weeks. 

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Tentsile Flite+ 2-Person Tree Tent - Lightweight for long-haul summer trips

The Flite+ is Tentsile’s lightweight adventure tree-tent. It’s designed as a go-anywhere-do-anything module that will open up a new realm of summer camping – can’t decide between tent and hammock? Take both with the Flite+.

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Photo credits: Stealth Tent by Tom Kahler, T-Mini by Barrie Underhill, Flite+ by Dan Kennedy

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Bodyboards - shaped to rip and built to last for years. 

Kiwi-born company, NMD, have been at the forefront of bodyboard shaping and design since their inception in 1999. Science Bodyboards, by nine-time world champion bodyboarder Mike Stewart, produce some of the most affordable performance bodyboards available. 

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Science Pipe Stringer Bodyboard nmd element bodyboard 100

Science Pipe Stringer PE - ultimate 'budget-beating' performance bodyboard

The Pipe Stringer from Science packs a serious punch but at an affordable price. It'll ride just as well as the most expensive sticks out there and last for years to come.

NMD Element - Next-level wave riding

The Element Bodyboard from NMD is designed to rip. It’s ideal as an intermediate one-board quiver – perfect for acceleration down the line and driving turns.

Nmd bodyboard wrist leash 100 Science nmd logo

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Surf Accessories and Wetsuits - critical beach equipment

We’ve got a huge range of essential seaside and post-surf accessories that’ll keep you comfortable at the beach this summer. From towels to wetsuits, and swim fins to surf racks, this kit is all designed to maximise your enjoyment and keep you & your gear in good nick.

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Dryrobe advance ss Quiksilver Youth Syncro base 5/4/3.jpeg

DryRobe Advance Short Sleeve - stay warm and get dry

The Dryrobe is a must-have for kids who love spending time in the sea (all of them) but need a place to get warm and dry in a jiffy.

Quiksilver Youth Syncro Base - high-performance kids neoprene

The Youth Syncro Base  packs a lot of punch for its more-than-acceptable pricepoint. Quiksilver deliver a super-warm suit for the grom that likes to shred - especially ideal in the colder waters around the UK.

DaFin Swim Fins Dafin dryrobe quiksilver logos

DaFin Swim Fins - put some power in your paddle

Tried and tested by the world of open-water swimmers and lifeguards, these Swim Fins from DaFin put some serious paddle-power into sea-borne adventures. If ocean adventures are on the cards this summer then these fins are crucial. 

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Hopefully this summer selection has given you some food for thought, or maybe some much needed gift ideas for summer birthdays. As always, if you need any direct assistance then don't hesitate to contact us.

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Words: Stefan