Dalbello Il Moro T

The Il Moro T from Dalbello is a boot that always attracts attention – and there’s no doubt that one of the first things people tend to notice is the price tag – a RRP of £540 might just stop you in your tracks. You might even think that there can’t be a good reason for a ski boot being that expensive, but it doesn’t take long to see and feel why it commands such a price tag.

Straight out of the box, the fit is sublime and the comfort is unreal. The high density liners have an anti-shock toe box, they’re lined with micro-fleece and have a fur lining around the calf which make you feel like a million dollars. With the comfort box firmly ticked, the flex is something a bit special too – even in the shop you can feel how dynamic it is. Get it out onto the mountain and you know for sure – you have complete control over everything – it’s super firm and stands up to tough punishment when you’re really ripping hard, but take it in to the park and it feels smooth, flexible and playful. The 3-piece construction plays a large part in the Il Moro’s versatility, as it’s really that that allows the firm flex to still be even and smooth; the free flexing tongue brings you gently to a stop rather than a crunching halt and it keeps your shins in good shape which allows you to spend more time on the hill – and the top cuff buckle gives you valuable support when you really need it.

All of this epic performance is coupled with plenty other features and some nice final touches like the buckle profiling, the reverse toe buckle (which somehow just works better) and a very neat system to clip your boots together for easy carrying too. Factor all that in, as well as the fact that you can save an incredible £108 right now, and you have a boot that is actually amongst the best value on the market. All in all these really are amazing bits of kit!

The creator of the Il Moro T, Tanner Hall is probably best placed to give you the final word on how great these boots are, so check out what he has to say: