Dynafit Boots & Bindings

Over the years we have worked hard to make sure we stock the best brands available so you have access to the best equipment, no matter what your requirements. An area which we have focused on in the past couple of years is our backcountry ski and snowboard offering, and as a result are proud to welcome Dynafit to the store.

Dynafit are an Austrian Company who has been at the top of the backcountry and touring skiing scene since the 70?s. It is a term which is often over used, but these guys really are trail blazers. Instead of deciding to improve on the already available binding systems, they decided to re-invent the wheel, and came up with their pin system. The Dynafit binding system is unlike any other on the market and is highly sought after. Instead of the usual binding attachment system where there is a block on the front of the heel of the boot, Dynafit use a pin system. There are 2 pins on the toe and 2 on the heel. The simplicity of their design is beauty of it. The 2 toe pins act as the pivot point of the binding when in tour mode, then for ski mode the heel pins are locked in as well. This give a smoother pivot in the hike mode than any other brand has been able to match, and just as secure a DIN approved retention as most other bindings out there.

This video has no sound, but will give you a great idea of how Dynafit’s binding system works.

We know that our customers always like to push their equipment to the limits, and we have selected our Dynafit range to include only the stronger pieces. On the whole we see the up-hill element of touring as a means to an end. We want it to be as easy and comfortable as possible, but without compromising on the downhill. Therefore we have selected our range to tie in with this. All of our backcountry gear is designed to get you uphill without unnecessary strain, and ensure that the down-hills are where the focus lies.

From Dynafit we have skirted around the extreme light-weight options and gone for the more robust pieces, such as the TLT Radical FT binding. With a weight of just 599grams per binding, you might think it would be way too light to trust on a big cliff drop, or in a steep couloir – but with a DIN range of 5-12 and all sorts of tech tweaks such as carbon torsion plates and CRMO Steel you can be sure it will do the job.

To pair up perfectly with we have the Mercury boots. These boots have obviously had a very similar design brief as the FT bindings. They are light, strong and incredibly high tech. With specially selected materials like fibreglass reinforced Grilamid there have been absolutely no corners cut here. They are bristling with incredible details and really have to be seen/ tried to be believed. Team all of this up with great reliability, readily available spares and fantastic after sales back up, and you have yourselves a no-brainer!

Dynafit may not be the cheapest, but we certainly consider them to be amongst the very best products that money can buy ? we simply wouldn?t be stocking them if we didn?t think they were worth it. Minimalist design and rigorous testing goes all goes to make lightweight, high performance, unbeatable products.

Get your set up, then get out and use it. This could be what’s waiting for you?