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End Of Season Snow Accessories Sale

Shop snow accessories at freeze pro shop End of Season Sale 2019

It’s that time of year again, winter is winding down and the Freeze sale is heating up. It’s the perfect time to replace those well-loved accessories which have gotten you through the season and been pushed to their limits. Whether you’re looking for a new set of gogs or a new lid, we’ve got loads on offer in our End Of Season Sale. 

Since there are pages and pages of deals on our website, we thought we’d run a few of our favourites by you from our selection of backpacks, helmets, shovels, first aid kits and of course, goggles. Check them out below. 

Douchebags The Backpack | 5% off

shop douchebags the backpack at freeze pro shop End of Season Sale 2019

Need a bag you can take anywhere? With all the whistles and bells such as tripod straps and camera compatible inserts, The Backpack from Douchebags really is your best option. With enough room to fit in a 15” laptop, a packed lunch, more equipment, and then some, The Backpack finds itself to be a popular choice for urban dwellers and adventure photographers alike. At a discounted price as well, you better get in their fast before everyone else does. 

Marker Ampire Helmet | 45% off

shop marker ampire helmet at freeze pro shop End of Season Sale 2019

The Ampire helmet from the famous Marker brand line uses hybrid technology to keep your dome safe on the hill. With 360-degree protection using Marker's innovative Edge Protection System, you can trust that this helmet is built to last and keep you protected run after run. Updates to the 2019 model include a venting lever which has reduced the weight of the helmet as well as increasing its comfort and ease of use. 

Mammut Alugator Twist Avalanche Shovel | 30% off

shop mammut alugator twist avalanche shovel at freeze pro shop End of Season Sale 2019

If you love exploring the backcountry or building your own park on the move then a shovel should definitely be at the top of your accessories list. The multipurpose Alugator Twist Avalanche Shovel is made to be primarily used for avalanche safety but it can also be used for recreational purposes as well. The shaft of the shovel rotates to allow for multiple digging positions making it one of the most efficient and high performing shovels on the market. 

Arva Large First Aid Kit | 10% off

shop arva large first aid kit at freeze pro shop end of Season Sale 2019

Be prepared for everything the mountain can throw at you with the Arva First Aid Kit. The kit includes a full range of Hartmann first aid products, detachable elastic straps for storing bottles and extra pockets. Make sure you’ve got all the first aid supplies you need, before you need them. 

Von Zipper Skylab Goggles | 45% off

shop von zipper skylab goggles  at freeze pro shop End of Season Sale 2019

These sleek, otherworldly goggles are what we’ve come to expect from the Von Zipper brand. They won't just make you look super cool on the hill though, they are also great at protecting your face and eyes from the snow and UV rays. The Skylab Goggles have 100% UV protection and a forward lens venting to prevent your lens from getting steamed up. Make sure you can see your lines before you hit them with the Skylab Goggles.