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Welcome to the Apparel Expert Advice Section. If you can’t decide which gear would be the best for you or you simply want to browse our articles to prepare for you next adventure, you’re in the right place!


Oakley Goggle Lens Buying Guide

Oakley make some of the best goggles in the business, with a huge range of replacement lenses for all conditions. Find the best one for you.

Snow Gloves and Mittens Buying Guide

Get the lowdown on ski and snowboard gloves and mittens, the different styles available and what to look for when choosing a pair.

Snow Helmets Buying Guide

Find out how to keep that brain safe with our helmet guide. Everything you need to know to get the right size, fit and features.

Snow Clothing Buying Guide

Find out about the different types of outerwear available and how to build up a system of layers that’ll keep you comfortable in all conditions.

Anon Goggle Lens Guide

Burton offshoot Anon offer some of the coolest looking and best performing goggles and lenses out there. We’ve put together a handy guide to help explain the range so you can make the right choice.

Dragon Goggles Lens Buying Guide

Dragon Alliance have been producing high-quality optics since 1993. Check out their 2018/19 range for some seriously good goggles.

Stance Socks Buying Guide

Don’t know your Trek from your Training? We guide you through the wonderful world of Stance socks.