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FreezeCycle: Wetsuit Recycling Scheme

Have you ever wondered what to do with an old wetsuit?

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Have you ever wondered what to do with an old wetsuit? 

If you’re local to Edinburgh, then you may have heard about Freezecycle, our wetsuit recycling scheme, over the past few months. We’ve been collecting old and used wetsuits and donating them to Loved&Upcycled for repurposing. In return, recyclers get a 10% discount off a new wetsuit from Freeze, and 15% off any product from Loved&Upcycled.

After the success of the scheme in the local area, and the positive feedback we’ve received, we’ve decided to launch the program across the UK. Send us your old wetsuit and get cash off a new one!

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Freezecycle UK-wide Wetsuit Recycling Scheme

The unfortunate fact about neoprene products is that they take a very long time to degrade. A very long time. So, to try and combat the quantity of wetsuits ending up in the ground we’ve launched Freezecycle. The concept is fairly simple: we’ll take your old wetsuit and upcycle it, and you get 10% off any new wetsuit for taking the trouble to send it to us.

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Here’s how it works:

1. Clean, dry and package up your old wetsuit.

2. Download this form, fill it in, and send the whole lot to us.

3. We’ll process your parcel and send you an exclusive 10% off voucher code.

4. Grab yourself a new wetsuit with 10% off!

Pretty easy, huh? If you’ve any further questions, then check out the detailed terms and conditions.

We’re always here.

As always, if you have any further questions or queries then don?t hesitate to get in touch! Follow us on social media for regular updates.

Terms and Conditions

  • Old wetsuits must be clean and dry when you bring them in – we won’t provide a code if they’re not.
  • 10% Discount is applicable to any new wetsuit.
  • Discount will be applied against the existing sale price.
  • Codes cannot be combined for greater discount.
  • One code per customer.