Full Tilt Drop Kick Boots

The Full Tilt Drop Kick is the holy grail of ski boots. It’s an all mountain freestyle boot that combines the comfort you always get from Full Tilt with an awesome flex that is stiff enough for skiing hard, but soft enough to be forgiving when you don’t quite stomp that landing or you’re learning something new. As if the performance wasn’t enough to persuade you, the price may well do that – we think it’s the best value ski boot from Full Tilt coming in at just £289.95.

As with all Full Tilt boots, the Drop Kick features their signature 3 piece design which delivers an unparallelled progressive flex – it starts off soft at the top of the movement then stiffens as the boot is put under more pressure. What this really means is that you get a great, comfortable boot to cruise around in, but one that stiffens up to handle anything that you can throw at it when you’re charging and preventing the shin-bang you can get it traditional hinged boots. Cables rather than buckles help in this respect too keeping the flex smooth, and because the tongue can fold completely forwards, it allows for plenty of space to get your foot into the liner of the boot (this is a big help if you have any previous foot or ankle injuries).

In terms of other features, the rubber foot board gives you some cushioning on big landings or when skiing on harder, chattery snow but will still give you the stiffness you need once you start pushing them hard on piste. Also, an Intuition Quick Fit LIner comes as standard and can be heat mouled if you want, or will naturally mould to your feet over a week or so with the heat created by your feet – it may take a little longer, but it can result in a truer fit that we always recommend. The intuition liner also comes with a stiffer ‘powerwrap’ foam on the upper cuff for added response and power transfer to the shell.

All in all, we think that the Full Tilt Drop Kick is the perfect boot for an all mountain skier that wants to balance comfort and performance, and also for freestylers who want all the bells and whistles of Full Tilt’s pro model range without the price tag.

Vital Statistics:

Flex: 6/10

Last: 99mm

Style: Freestyle, All Mountain

# Buckles: 3 Cables

Heat mouldable liner? Yes

Walk mode? No

Sole Material ? Rubber or Plastic: Rubber Heel, Plastic Toe