hOme watches

Where do we start with hOme watches? How about the fact that just by strapping one of their watches upon your wrist then you’re instantly in good company?! The hOme team includes Gigi Ruf, Mark Sollors and Travis Rice to name but a few.

Provisionally established 12 years ago in Fribourg, Switzerland by two brothers, hOme started out by making custom t-shirts for their friends and family. 12 years and a third business partner later, hOme have now replaced needle and thread with crowns and cogs.

Switzerland has been synonymous with high-quality watch making since the middle of the 16th century, and for this reason almost all watch manufacturers now use Swiss movements in their watches but this can occasionally lead to a bit of confusion… Unlike a lot of watch companies hOme not only uses Swiss Movements in their watches but they’re also Swiss Made. This means that regardless of which hOme watch you’re sporting you can be safe in the knowledge that it’s been constructed to the highest standards and passed the strictest of quality controls.

Also because all of the watch components are generic industry sizing your watch can be repaired by any jeweller, on any street, anywhere in the world. For all these reasons, and the fact that they’re incredibly beautiful, the next time you ask one of us for the time we’ll likely be reading it off a hOme watch.