ISPO Diaries: Snowboard Special

In this, the second in our series of ISPO Diaries, we’ll took a sneaky sneak peek behind the scenes at the biggest outdoor trade show on the planet to see the exciting things that?re on the horizon for 2017/2018 in the world of snowboarding.


Arbor are such a classy brand ? we never fail to get stoked on their gear. As you?d expect, there were plenty of sustainably-sourced wood and bamboo laminate topsheets on display, and the Cascade was one of the finest-looking amongst them.

The 155 on display was typical of so many of Arbor’s models, but we were particularly drawn to its simplicity and semi-transparent base detailing. A very nice stick indeed.

Arbor Cascade

On the other side of the coin Arbor showed us that they can work a sick graphic too. The Sin Nombre was a stand-out, with its monochrome tattoo-inspired look and weird Cormac-McCarthy-esque Social Distortion song lyrics. Flexing at the stiffer end of the spectrum and with a carbon crossbeam construction, The Board With No Name is a hard-charging all-mountain freestyle weapon. Tasty.

Arbor Sin Nombre

If the snow ever decides to finally arrive to Scotland in any meaningful amount (or we just give up and book tickets to Mammoth) then the Terrapin is at the top of our lists for the next pow day that comes around. It remains unchanged for 2018 but, hell, it’s still as tasty lookin? as ever.

Arbor Terrapin


Capita, like Faction who we featured in our Ski Special, had a cool display board that let you see under the hood to make sense of the different construction bells and whistles that are hidden inside each of their cores.

Capita Display Board Topsheet

These trade show special display models are great for getting your head around what basalt or titanal inserts or carbon stringers actually look like. It’s not bullsh*t ? they?re actually there! Who knew?!

Capita Display Board Base

As always with Capita, skulls were a feature of their graphics once again, and the awesome Ultrafear makes a welcome return for 2017/2018 with a spooky new look that’s apparently inspired by the dark arts. Whatever it’s all about, the Ultrafear looks awesome, and with its titanal armour and cork dampening, the multi-award winning zero-camber jib stick is apparently ?ready and waiting to unlock your wildest snowboarding dreams?. Hmmm? okaaaay…

Capita Ultrafear

Keeping with the trusty skull theme, the Children of the Gnar is set to keep our teenage brothers and sisters looking good and riding steezy through ?17/?18. It’s been completely redesigned for next season with wider waist widths and a more progressive geometry. The Children of the Gnar is a soft-flexing, hybrid camber all-mountain tool to that’s built to help any young padawan to develop their Jedi skills in double-quick time.

Capita Children of the Gnar

If the guys and the groms are catered for in Capita’s range then you better believe the chicks have got something in there for them too. Jess Kimura’s pro model ? the amazing Danger Pony ? has the lads amongst us giving some serious thought to a sex change. Just look at it! Forget how it rides ? don?t even care. It’s got CATS IN SPACE. And a horse that looks like it’s escaped from a futuristic equine L?Oreal commercial. Mid-flexing, hybrid-camber, blah blah blah, CATS PLAYING GUITARS! IN SPACE!

Capita Jess Kimura


The obscure Swiss brand Anticonf picked up an ISPO Award for their Nextcore, which we thought was worth a wee mention here. They had a range of wood-finish boards at the show that looked not dissimilar to some of the Arbor range, but the clever thing that helped them pick up a Winter Hardware award was their super-environmentally-friendly core design. 

Anticonf Nextcore

Unusually, it’s made up largely of cork and flax to reduce vibrations, while natural bamboo stringers transfer energy from your feet to the edge of the board. Very green and very unique ? could this be the shape of things to come? Only time will tell.

Next up we’ll take a look at apparel, outerwear and accessories

In the next instalment of our ISPO diaries we’ll look at outerwear from the likes of Planks and Patagonia, along with an exciting brand new style of goggle incoming from Oakley and loads more.