Jacob Wester In Iceland

Freeze ambassador, van-dweller, professional skier and barrel hunter, Jacob Wester, linked up with fellow swede and professional surfer Freddie Meadows to visit the dramatic coastline of Iceland. Squeezing in to a van, the pair spent 3 weeks camping in search of perfectly formed barrels in one of the most surreal surroundings the north Atlantic has to offer. 

[youtube video id=hAHxtEg3gsg width=100%]


Patagonia have totally revamped their wetsuit line for the 2018/19 collection. A few years back they brought Yulex to the table, a planet friendly alternative to neoprene utilising rubber that’s sourced from the right forests, in the right way, and that meet the FSC standards. That’s right, these guys physically grow their suits on trees… for the most part that is. The Salmi zips and other bits and bobs are thrown in for good measure, but the sentiment is there, but you can bet your bottom-dollar that they?re all sustainably sourced. The down side with Yulex was that whilst it was much greener and just as warm as neoprene it was notoriously stiff. To say the thicker suits where hard to get out of when wet is an understatement. Needless to say, Patagonia took this in their stride and worked to completely redesign the application of Yulex in their suits. They are now – hand on heart – an absolute dream to slide off and on. And to boot, they hit out with another industry first – the suits are now Fair Trade certified. 

Jacob is a man with a conscience. Those of you that follow him on social media will be more than aware of this. When we were chatting about a new suit for the trip, the new R4 hooded wetsuit seemed like a no brainer. Here is what he had to say.

“The suit is 100% the best wetsuit I have owned for cold water surfing. Most of the time I was too warm (glad I didn’t order the R5, that must be hell haha) This meant I could do long sessions without having to move around a bunch to stay warm”  “The only annoying thing is the lack of any tightening strap in the shoulder, at certain angles it doesn?t take much for the suit to flush, even when duck diving? 


Photos by Sofia Sjoeberg