Johnny Collinson

Home-schooled from the staff accommodation of Snowbird, Johnny Collinson’s destiny as an all-round ripper was pretty inevitable. At age 17 the Utah native became the youngest person ever to conquer all Seven Summits (the highest summit in each of the seven continents, including Everest) in a single year! Fast forward eight years he is considered to be one of the most progressive, respected and recognisable faces of big-mountain and backcountry skiing today. He’s already stacked up an impressive amount of footage with some of the heaviest crews around ? not least his recent banger of a part in the beast of a movie that was ?This is Home?. 

We caught up with the man himself for a little insight into his world and to find out what’s next for 2018 and beyond.

Firstly, thanks for taking some time out of your day! Where in the world are you right now?

Right now I’m up in Girdwood Alaska, where my sister just moved to, shooting with TGR for their new film!

How did you get linked up with Faction?

The initial intro actually came from TGR, they got me the contact, then once I met the crew and skied the sticks, I was stoked to join forces! 

Johnny Collinson

This is Home totally stole the show this winter. Can you comment on the film, how you found making it and what it meant to you? 

Yeah, shooting for This Is Home was so much fun ? just the vibe of basing out of my home in Utah, then Sam’s home in Zermatt, gave the trips a tight experience ? skiing with good friends in the terrain that shaped them was great, and the whole thing felt like such a team effort.

Growing up in Utah, it’s pretty understandable how you grew to have such an infinity for the mountains and the outdoors. How and why did you come to focus on a career in freeride skiing?

The career came from just loving to ski really. I would have chosen any path that gave me the most time on skis, so I just was lucky enough to be able to spend winters skiing, and trying to progress my skiing. So after teaming up with great sponsors that support the dream, I was able to really just focus on what I love to do!

Johnny Collinson

What have you got going on this season in terms of projects?

This year I’m filming for TGR for their annual film, as well as working on some webisodes with Faction that everyone loves ? so stoked about that ? then have a big project lined up for the fall with The North Face and Red Bull! 

Tell us what’s your ski go-to in your quiver and why you love it? 

I pretty much ski all the options Faction has, and love them all, but for charging around Snowbird at home, and for most big filming missions, I love the Dictator ? it’s the most charging ski for going fast (which everyone likes to do) but is also pretty poppy, so throwing some tricks isn’t out of the question. Which is nice, because I like to mix it all up a bit!

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All images courtesy of Faction Skis.