Mons Royale 2018

New pieces, old favourites, same warmth & performance

Kiwi merino-merchants Mons Royale are a consistently popular brand for us, thanks to their commitment to quality and style. They started out pioneering the idea that your base layers didn?t need to make you look like you just stepped off the Eiger, and since then they’ve branched out into making more and more interesting and great looking products, with Merino as the backbone that draws it all together. New for the 2018 season though, they’ve somewhat shocked their die-hard merino fans by introducing some blended fabrics into the mix. We happen to think that these new blends are a great move from the NZ natives, so we’ve featured a few of them here, along with some old 100% Merino favourites that see a welcome return to the range this season.

Mons Royale Transition

Transition Hoodie

Top of the list when it comes to blended fabrics is the Transition hoodie and Transition women’s hoodie. They’re still packing 50% Merino, for all that warmth and odour-resistance, but now it’s blended with 50% polyester to improve fit, durability and weather resistance. The result is an even more versatile midlayer that you can easily wear on its own in good weather, without being afraid to take a tumble in the park or get caught in a quick snow flurry. Of course, as with all Mons Gear, it looks just as good in the street too.

Shop the men’s Transition Hoodie or women’s Transition Hoodie now.

Mons Royale Temple Tech Geo

Temple Tech Geo

Base layers have always been, and will always be, Mons Royale’s business ? but they?re always going to come up against the charge that Merino isn?t as good an insulator as synthetic for high-output, sweaty activities, because of its tendency to eventually absorb sweat. That’s why it’s great to see them listening to feedback and introducing products like the long-sleeved and short-sleeved Temple Tech Geo baselayers. By introducing 20% nylon to the mix and providing sections of mesh in the back and underarms, you can have that Merino warmth and stink-resistance, with much improved ventilation for higher-intensity activities.

Shop the long-sleeved Temple Tech Geo or the short-sleeved Temple Tech Geo now.

Mons Royale Jackson Flannel

Jackson Flannel

More blends for this season come in the shape of the Jackson Flannel shirt and women’s Jackson Flannel ? this time blending Merino with cotton for even more softness and wearability. Rugged flannel looks, in a soft and super comfortable fabric ? the perfect combo.

Shop the men’s Jackson Flannel or the women’s Jackson Flannel now.


The Monsie

Of course, if you want that original straight-up Merino flavour then it’s still there in abundance in the Mons range. Their take on the often maligned and ubiquitous onesie ? the Monsie ? takes the concept and elevates it to another level. By making it stylish and crafting from 100% Merino, Mons have made the Monsie a super cosy and equally cool garment that nobody would be afraid to be seen in. Whether you want a draught-free all-in-one solution for a mountain baselayer, or you just want something classy to kick around the house in, the Monsie is a sure-fire hit.

Shop the men’s Monsie or women’s Monsie now.


Yotei Powder Hoodie

Let’s not forget there’s still 100% Merino in the midlayers too, with the Yotei powder hoodie proving to be a favourite amongst the team here at Freeze. It’s looing great in muted blacks and greens this season, and features that same versatile hood. Wear it low to warm the neck, use it as a facemask, or go full-on balaclava and wear it up over your head. The ideal addition to a baselayer and shell jacket combo for days in the deep powder. 

Shop the Yotei Powder Hoodie now.

There’s loads more to explore, so go ahead and shop the whole Mons Royale range today.