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Monthly Giveaway

Monthly Giveaway

What’s going on?

Every 4 weeks we’ll be selecting one subscriber to win something really cool. It could be a dreamy new winter setup, maybe a bunch of vouchers to spend online, or maybe even a whole surfboard. One thing is certain though – you'll be as happy as Kerr in a tent (see above). Keep reading to find out more.

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This month’s giveaway...

Have you been thinking about a summer trip to the backcountry? This month we’ll be facilitating those outdoor adventures by giving away an MSR Elixir 2 V2 and the GSI Pinnacle Dualist Complete Cook and Eat Set

MSR Elixir 2 Gsi Pinnacle Dualist Monthly Giveaway

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What’s the catch?

There isn’t one. Honest. We’ll keep you updated via email on sweet deals, new products, press releases, and other really important stuff like flash sales and events. So, it’s really just a win, win, win, win situation. And if you’re not into it, you can unsubscribe at any time. 

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Freeze Competition Email Examples

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We’re not here to flog a dead horse. We’re here to give you prizes.

Unless you’ve been wandering the backcountry since last month you’ve probably heard of GDPR, we certainly have. We must now have explicit permission to use your information to contact you. 

So, rather than just asking for your details and sending you emails, we thought you’d like the chance to win some sweet prizes every month too.

All we ask is that we can email you occasionally with marketing updatesnotifications, and monthly winner announcements.

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For full details on how we use your information have a read of our detailed Privacy PolicyFull terms and conditions are available here: Monthly Giveaway T&Cs