New MSR 2017 Tents

As the Spring starts to do its thing, most of us are beginning to think about dusting off that camping gear and getting out under the stars again. But don?t forget that throughout the winter, while you’ve been hibernating, the hardcore have been out there in the backcountry teaching us that, with the right gear, camping can be ace all year round.

Of course, when you talk about having the right gear to camp in any conditions, MSR is a name that instantly springs to mind.

Beginning life in 1969, Mountain Safety Research was a newsletter for outdoor safety enthusiasts who made a name for themselves testing mountaineering equipment to breaking point and sharing their findings for the common good. Over the years, they used the unique insight they gained from all their intensive testing to design and refine a range of their own MSR-branded products that have proved to be amazingly popular around the world.

Fast forward to today and they’ve gone on to create a huge range of some of the most reliable outdoor, camping, mountaineering and winter safety equipment on the market.

Spring 2017 sees them introducing an exciting selection of new tents that we?re excited to say that we’ve just added to our line-up. In this First Look we’ll take a gander at two of their most hardcore lightweight four-season offerings and an interesting option that’s aimed at long-distance and overnight cycle missions.

MSR Access

MSR Access Winter Backcountry Tent - New for 2017

The Access range comprises solo, two-person and three-person variants, all aimed at backcountry ski tourers, splitboarders and snowshoers. With that kind of intended audience, it goes without saying that MSR have designed the Access 1, 2 and 3 to be incredibly lightweight four-season shelters that can stand up to stiff winds and snow loading in all-but the most extreme of conditions.

The Access 1 comes with the Ultralight tag, weighing in at a pack-friendly 1.6kg. And while not achieving that same Ultralight label, the Access 2 and 3 come in at a very respectable 1.9kg and 2.3kg respectively ? still incredibly light for two and three-man four-season tents.

The whole range is designed to keep you nimble on those long climbs up to the tree line and be super-quick to set up in cold conditions when you need it most. The Easton® Syclone? composite poles are resistant to breaking due to cold conditions, and when you combine them in a sturdy central-support frame, they create a solid package that’s durable enough to stand up to regular tours and trips over many years.

If you?re looking for robust build, quality features and four-season warmth at three-season weights, then the Access range could be where you find your next tent.

Shop the Access 1, Access 2 and Access 3 now.

MSR Remote

MSR Remote Tent Range - New for 2017

If the Access is designed to help you make the overnight trips you need to access that backcountry pow pocket, then you can probably guess that the Remote range is aimed at those intrepid adventurers who want to go further and deeper into the wilderness.

Billed as all-season tents, the Remote range is designed to be a strong and secure yet liveable shelter for anything from three days to three weeks in remote high alpine or extreme polar environments. The Remote 2 and Remote 3 aim to provide pairs or trios of keen winter mountaineers or backcountry addicts with a cavernous double-walled haven from the elements, that can stand up to the most extreme cold, winds and snow loading that you?re ever likely to encounter.

You and one or two buddies can use the Remote range to hole-up on the side of a mountain for days in relative sanity-saving comfort, protected by a centre-support structure of ultra-durable Easton Syclone Poles, spindrift-slaying snow flaps, reinforced guy-out points and a fully sealed bathtub-style floor. The spacious vestibule can easily accommodate all your gear too.

If you?re looking for a top-of-the range shelter to protect against the worst that mother nature can throw at you, look no further than the MSR Remote 2 and 3.

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MSR Hubba Tour

MSR Hubba Tour Range - New for 2017

The MSR Hubba NX is MSR’s biggest seller over recent years so it’s no surprise that they’ve chosen it as the basis on which to create a new cycle-specific tent aimed at long distance road tours or overnight MTB missions. 

The Hubba Tour range uses a special extended vestibule to create an incredibly spacious and liveable tent with lots of extra storage to help accommodate all the equipment and supplies that you need to have with you for a long time on the road.

MSR Hubba Tour Range - New for 2017

After a hard day in the saddle, the Hubba Tour’s clever exoskeleton design means it’s super easy to set up and the tent body stays dry, whatever the weather. That extended vestibule means that you’ve got tonnes of space in which to change out of wet and muddy gear, while mesh door coverings keep you protected from unwanted insect guests.

Of course, all that ease of use and extra space isn?t only ideal for biking. The Hubba Tour could make the ideal home-from-home for all sorts of activities. With the solo tent weighing in at just a shade over 2kg and the two-person coming in just under 2.5kg, they still present a very manageable package that’s not going to weigh you down, whatever the trip.

Whether you use it for bikepacking or not, the Hubba Tour builds on a hugely popular platform to create acres of space in a super functional tent that’s super easy to use. Another great offering from one of the best brands in the business.

Shop the Hubba Tour 1 and Hubba Tour 2 and now.

Not what you?re looking for?

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