Oakley Airwave

Oakley’s Airwave googles are at the very cutting edge of goggle technology, with an incredible ultra clear heads-up display projected into your normal field of vision. Needless to say, the Airwave also features Oakley’s unparalleled lens quality, along with a super comfortable fit, and full helmet compatibility.

The Airwave comes complete with dual-vented, anti-fog treated lenses to make sure your vision is always crisp whatever the conditions – they feature Oakley’s switchlock technology too so you can switch between lenses quickly and easily. We have spare lenses available too so you can get more out of the mountain for longer! Also included is a goggle case so packing them for travel is a breeze…

The Heads-Up Display is one of the key elements of the Oakley Airwave and sets it apart from many snow goggles on the market. Embedded in the frame, the screen uses prism technology to display a projected, ulta-clear transparent widescreen graphic in your normal field of vision. The integrated GPS tracking monitors your speed, vertical ascent and descent, air time, distance and height all of which are included on your heads-up display along with the air temperature. As well as all that, the navigation feature helps you figure out where you are and where you want to go and you can even track your friends who also have Oakley Airwave Goggles or the Airwave App via the on-screen display.

As if all that wasn’t enough, the battery lasta up to 6 hours depending on conditions, and you can connect your smartphone to the goggles to view texts, get incoming calls and access your music library or music streaming service. The app also lets you share your performance goals on social media so you can let everybody know how much fun you’re having on the mountain, and prove it!