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Oakley Flight Deck vs Flight Deck XM: Which Oakley goggles are the best?

Their fantastic field of vision, comfortable foam, frameless goggle style, and cutting-edge Prizm lens technology are just a few of the reasons we love the Oakley Flight Deck goggles at Freeze. Could they take the award for the best Oakley snow goggles? Let’s see in our comparison of the Oakley Flight Deck vs Flight Deck XM.

That broad view means the Flight Deck goggles aren’t small. So, what about those of us with smaller faces that get drowned out by bigger goggles? We still want the same high-tech goggle optics and huge views, right?! Cue the Oakley Flight Deck XM. This goggle takes all the glory of the Flight Deck and packs it into a smaller, more compact frame. But what does XM actually mean? And which Oakley goggles are OTG?

Read on for a detailed comparison of the two best Oakley goggles…

Oakley Flight Deck XM Goggles
Oakley Flight Deck Goggles

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There are a few questions we always get asked: ‘what’s the difference between the Oakley Flight Deck and the Flight Deck XM?’ often comes out top.

The XM packs the same punch as its big brother, in a slightly more compact frame to fit smaller faces and under smaller helmets. This model is ideally suited for the smaller-faced individual who’s after that ‘oversized’ vibe without dwarfing their face with frame. It still retains an almost-180° view. For a goggle of this size, that’s pretty amazing.


The Oakley Flight Deck XM and it’s bigger (and slightly older) brother the Flight Deck are pretty much the same goggles. The Flight Deck and Flight Deck XM are both ‘frameless’ goggles. This means the lens extends right to the edges of the goggle, for maximum view. Here are some of our favourite features:

Oakley HDO Oakley’s High-Definition Optics make for some of the best snow goggles around.
Dual-layer lens construction Flight Deck goggle benefits from Oakley’s dual-layer lens construction that minimises goggle fogging, just like double-glazing.
F3 anti-fog coating Does exactly what it says on the tin. Oakley’s F3 coating keeps goggle-fogging down to a minimum. It really does work. Remember, don’t wipe or touch the inner surface of your goggle lens as it may damage the fragile anti-fog coating.
Triple layer face foam For superior comfort and a flawless face-fit. Triple layer face foam conforms to your individual contours and seals out cold air and snow.
Oakley Prizm Lenses Both the Flight Deck and the Flight Deck XM are available with a range of wide range of Prizm lenses. Oakley’s industry-leading Prizm technology tweaks certain light wavelengths to increase the contrast in flat-light conditions. Read more about Oakley’s Prizm technology.
Super-wide silicon-lined strap Secures your Flight Deck (or Flight Deck XM) goggles over, or under, your helmet.
Helmet compatibility The Oakley Flight Deck fit with pretty much any helmet about. I’ve been using them for years and every helmet I’ve owned has fit with my Oakley Flight Deck goggles.
Oakley’s customer service Always worth a mention. Oakley have one of the best customer service teams out there. They’ll always help you out when you’re in an optical pickle. Contact Oakley.


Here’s our rundown of the crucial differences between the Flight Deck vs Flight Deck XM:

Oakley Flight Deck XM Goggle Measurements Guide
Oakley Flight Deck Goggle Measurements Guide
Specification Oakley Flight Deck Oakley Flight Deck XM
Frame Height 10cm 9.5cm
Frame Width 17.5cm 17cm
Arc Length 23cm 22cm
Best Suited to Most men, women with larger faces Most women, men with smaller faces
Oakley OTG Goggles? Yes Yes
Silicone Strap Yes Yes
Triple layer face foam Yes Yes
Frameless design Yes Yes
Fully weather sealed Yes Yes


Extra Medium. We’re not sure why, but it does. Essentially, bigger than a medium but smaller than Oakley’s oversized large.

Yes. We have a wide selection of Oakley Flight Deck Replacement Lenses available that provide visibility in any light conditions you might come across. Our Oakley Goggle Lens Guide will help you pick the ones for you.

You know it. We stock loads of Flight Deck XM Replacement Lenses – use our Oakley Goggle Lens Guide to find what you need.

They are not. We often get asked ‘can I swap my Flight Deck goggles lenses for a Flight Deck XM goggle lens?’. The answer is, unfortunately, no.

Due to the different frame sizing you’ll need to buy either a Flight Deck or Flight Deck XM replacement lens – don’t worry, we indicate the model type in the product name.

The Flight Deck series is renowned for their helmet-compatibility. However, a perfect fit depends on two things – the shape your face and the size of your head. We recommend using our size guides to find the right helmet for you, then let common sense prevail. If you’re buying a small helmet, the Flight Deck XM is likely going to fit better with the helmet’s edge. Likewise, with a large helmet, you’re more likely going to need the Flight Deck to fill the space without leaving goggle gap. If you’re having trouble picking a ski or snowboard helmet, we’ve got a buying guide for that too.

They both will! The Flight Deck and Flight Deck XM models from Oakley offer their OTG goggles (Over The Glass) fit. Obviously, it depends on the specs you’ve got. If you’re rocking bigger, Buddy Holly-inspired frames, go with the Oakley Flight Deck Ski Goggles, as the XM Ski Goggle will feel a little tight around anything bigger than your average glasses frame.

When you purchase a pair of Oakley Flight Deck or Fight Deck XM Goggles, you’ll get your chosen frame and lens combo, as well as a handy microfibre bag to keep your them fresh. We recommend grabbing a bag or case to keep your Flight Deck or Flight Deck XM in good shape for years to come.

Read more about finding the right lid in our helmet buying guide.


The Oakley Flight Deck and Flight Deck XM both use their Ridgelock technology. The lenses have locking notches, or keyways, that slot into the frame inner and secure the whole assembly together. Check out Oakley’s handy Ridgelock lens changing system video.

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