It always gets us going when Oakley announce special edition sunglasses – they tend to pull out all the stops and produce something pretty special – so when we heard the latest edition would be a Heritage Collection we were unsurprisingly stoked. This collection of sunglasses is a nod to some of the frame shapes of the past that helped make Oakley what it is today, and we see vintage classics like the Frogskin, Eyeshade and Razor Blade re-released in some awesome colourways. If you missed them the first time around then this is your chance to get your hands on a pair of classic Oakley sunglasses, and if you remember them fondly or even if you had a set of originals – this is a great opportunity to relive those glory days! As always with Oakley collections like this, the numbers are very limited and what we have tends to go quickly, so don’t hang around if you want to be rocking a pair of the freshest sunnies this summer!