Premium Pow Slayers

At Freeze, we take a lot of pride in the eclectic range of skis we have on offer. Our aim is to cater for every ability level, riding style and of course, budget. Ski buying can be a pricey business though, so it’s no real surprise that when we see a deal, we tend to jump on it like a ski bum on a powder day.

But what about if you’ve got money to burn and you won?t settle for anything less than the best? At the end of the day, bargains are great and all, but aspirations of skiing greatness and dreams of ripping like best in the business can only come true on the skis developed for carving those legends, can?t they? 

Let’s face it, wherever you sit on our ski-purchasing spectrum, it’s always nice to salivate over what’s sitting at the top of the game, just in case you win the lottery or are prone to emptying you bank account at will.

So without further ado, we’ve picked out three of our favourite skis from the top end of this season’s line-up, taking a deeper look at their no-compromise construction to let you in on exactly why they?re worth the investment.

DPS Wailer 106 Alchemist

Alright, first up we?re going to look at the 2018 DPS Wailer 106 Alchemist. ?The world’s most advanced ski construction? is a bold claim to make, but the substance is there to back it up. Check out our video courtesy Freeze’s very own Workshop Willis?

Pretty cool, huh? We certainly think so. The Wailer 106 Alchemist is meticulously crafted around DPS? Paddle Tech profiling ? this tapers the ski’s sidecut and blends the contact points for an intuitive turn shape that responds to the way you want to ski. They’ll make you query why you’ve put up with chatter for so long ? pure prepreg carbon fibre laminates are injected with proprietary dampening additives to make them one of the smoothest skis around. Light aspen wood cores keep weight to a minimum ? just in case you want to take them on tour ? and delivers a smooth, natural flex pattern to make them one of the nimblest skis you can jump on.

If your game is go-anywhere-do-anything, then you’ll struggle to find a ski that offers a smoother, more responsive ride than the DPS Wailer 106 Alchemist.

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Faction Prime 2.0

Next up, let’s check out the 2.0 edition of Faction’s awesome 2018 Prime series. The brain child of Faction’s chief engineer Patrick Sannes and freeride legend, guiding master and all-round good guy Sam Anthamatten, the Prime initiative has a single focus ? creating a ski that compromises on nothing. Giving those who push their limits in the extreme a ski to match their ambition. Let’s have a look?

It’s quite often we’ll talk about touring ski constructions that marry lightweight ascending with power for the way back down, but usually, there’s a level of compromise somewhere ? not the case with the Prime 2.0. A stunningly lightweight hybrid of balsa and flax cores give this all-conquering weapon power and strength. And to make sure they can keep up with the most extreme skiers, they have titanal reinforcement beneath the mounting point for durability. To stiffen things up, the Prime 2.0 has multi-axis TeXtreme carbon laminates, and you can be sure your investment will stand the test of time thanks to Faction’s durable sandwich microcap construction.

The Prime 2.0 blows the expectations out of the water ? lightweight enough for the most technical ascents, backed-up with power and precision for tackling the most challenging descents you can find.

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Volkl BMT 122

To complete the holy trinity, we’ve picked the 2018 Volkl BMT 122. Why? Not that this should ever have too much influence on your purchasing decision, but let’s face it, they look incredible. The waistline sits at a monstrous 122, making this wide load is the ideal destroyer to take on the deepest of backcountry days. Think that’s going to weigh you down on the climb? Think again. It’s mind-blowingly light for such a wide ski, making it the ideal companion for those willing to climb in their hunt for the deepest snow. Have a gander?

If you?re not sold purely on it’s aesthetic, there’s much more to the BMT 122’s than meets the eye. Volkl’s multilayer Woodcore Light ? a combo of beech and poplar ? delivers strength and weight-saving simultaneously. It’s shaped with a central runner and slim wings to form Volkl’s 3DRidge ? this shaves further weight without sacrificing power or strength. The Full Carbon Jacket gives the ski stability for the steeps and offers unrivalled power transmission as you drive the turn. There’s no getting weighed down by snow when touring on this ski either ? it features Ice.Off Topsheet technology that sheds ice and snow on then move.

Fine-tuned to offer performance in the deep, without killing you on the way to the summit ? the BMT 122 is the ultimate marriage between lightweight ascending and wide-waisted, pow-ripping downhill performance.

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There you have it, our three pricey pow masters…

A sizeable investment, yes, but that’s justified in their construction. Each is crafted from the finest materials and is meticulously developed with input from the world’s best skiers to give you unparalleled on-snow experience. Here’s a quick summary of what each brings to the table…

  DPS Wailer 106 Alchemsit Faction Prime 2.0 Volkl BMT 122
Best suited for? Go-anywhere, do-anything All-mountain performance Extreme powder hunting
Weight per pair (kg) 3.6 3.1 3.7
Nose width 135 126 133
Waist width 106 98 122
Tail width 124 114 133
Turn radius (m) 18 19 23.8
Sizes available 168, 178, 185, 189 172, 178 176, 186