Ross’ Top 5: Dragon Sunglasses

For the second instalment of “Ross’s Tuesday Top Five…” (and to tie in with our 20% Off Tuesday promotion) I’ll be giving you a run down of my personal top five Dragon sunglasses.

Whether it’s for discreetly checking out the talent, trying to appear “mysterious” or good old fashioned sun worship there’s always an excuse to buy some new sunnies. So if you’re having trouble picking out the perfect shades or are worried about looking like a dork down on the beach then hopefully we can assuage your fears with these veritable delights.

1. You’ve got a man-crush on Ryan Gosling? Who doesn’t?!

The male grooming revolution has successfully secured it’s place as more than just a fad. Gentlemen, it’s imperative to compliment that cardigan, chinos and espadrilles with some functional yet fashionable eyewear. Please let me introduce the Dragon Viceroy (RRP £99.99)

The Viceroy is primarily hand cut from sheets of acetate ensuring a quality and finish which can’t be rivalled by other mass produced styles. This process also results in incredibly comfortable and well fitting sunglasses akin to donning a green tea and cucumber eye mask. With an attention to style which won’t look out of place while sipping on Pimms this Summer the Viceroy is in a polo field of its own.

Featuring 100% UV Protection, 6 Base CR-39 lenses, acetate frame and available in a Polarised option.

Medium Fit.

2. The 80’s are on the phone, they want their shoulder pads and Miami Vice box set back.

You spend your days on the highway to the danger zone while waiting with baited breath for the day you can pre-order a hover board? Then the Dragon Jam will help you relive your 80’s youth in era-appropriate style (£89.99)

At first glance it’s a poor man’s aviator, but look again and what you’ll see is a re-imagined and re-purposed take on the often imitated but rarely outdone style. Dragon however have succeeded where others have crashed and burned. The Jam is as synonymous to 80’s styling as Mötley Crüe are to big hair. Roll out the lino, dust off the ghetto blaster and don a pair of Dragon Jam because it’s time to achieve your childhood dream of being a professional b-boy.

Featuring 100% UV Protection, 8 Base Polycarbonate lenses, Grilamid frame and available in a Polarised option.

Large Fit

3. Trying to look swell on a budget without compromising the health of your peepers?

Your summer holiday’s broken the bank, that camel trek isn’t going to pay for itself and to top it off the leg’s just fallen off your Fakleys®? Fear not, the Dragon Wormser (RRP £49.99) caters for those on a tight budget.

If you’re one of those people who impulse buys a pair of sunnies at the checkout in one of our nations great high street shops then you’re probably aware that what you’re getting is tat. Just because you’re on a tight budget it doesn’t mean your eyes should suffer, they are after all the gateway to the soul. The Wormser offer 100% UVA and UVB protection all for the paltry sum of £49.99 so there’s no excuse for frying those baby blues.

Featuring 100% UV Protection, 6 Base Polycarbonate lenses, Grilamid frame and available in a Polarised option.

Medium Fit

4. Your ego enters the room before you do?

You’ve just pulled another all-nighter and now you’re en route to the studio to record your next multi-platinum single? What better sunglasses to compliment your glamorous lifestyle than the Dragon Fame (RRP £90.00)

Even if you’re not a world famous recording artist, athlete or socialite there’s no reason why you can’t fool people into thinking you are. The Fame comes in a variety of bright and bold attention seeking colours so all you need to do is hire a friend to follow you around with a camera and it won’t be long before you’re getting guest list at the most exclusive restaurants, bars and clubs.

Featuring 100% UV Protection, 6 Base Polycarbonate lenses and a Grilamid frame.

Large Fit

5. James Dean’s got nothing on you.

Your jeans are stained with engine grease and your leather jacket’s worn at the elbows. The Dragon Mansfield (RRP £109.99) are a great finishing touch to your quintessential Bad Boy style.

New for 2013 the Mansfield is the perfect blend of classic style and modern simplicity. Add a touch of refinement to that rough and mysterious exterior and you’ll be winning hearts in no time. After all everyone knows tough guys just need a hug.

Featuring 100% UV Protection, 4 Base Polycarbonate Shield lenses and a Grilamid frame.

Large Fit