Ross’ Top 5: Watches

Over the coming weeks our shop manager, Ross, will be picking out his Top 5’s.

Take note, there’s an ancient Chinese proverb which states “a self-respecting grasshopper should own two things; a pair of stylish kicks to get him to his destination and a swanky watch to make sure he gets there on time.” Therefore it’s only fitting that for the inaugural ‘Ross’s Top Five’ I’ve selected watches.

No matter how “kitsch” or “hip” your burnt-out 80’s Casio watch is, it’s time to part company with irony and embrace the latest in innovation and style. From the practical to the excessive and everything in between here’s my run down, in no particular order, of the top five watches.

1. Feeling quirky:

You’ve got a penchant for minimalism and gallery openings? No worries, we’ve got you covered with the hOme A-Class (RRP £199.99).

The A-Class looks great and reeks of quality. Like all hOme watches it’s Swiss made ensuring ultimate precision and build quality. The geometric watch face and contemporary hour and minute hands should be right up any aspiring Picasso’s street. What’s more because it’s constructed from standardised industry parts if it ever breaks down it can be fixed by any jeweller worth his salt.

Featuring an anodized aluminium case, 3-hand Swiss quartz movement, water resistant to 50m and rubber strap with stainless steel double locking clasp.

Alternative: The Nixon Newton

2. Saving for a rainy day:

You’re saving for next season’s must-have skis or snowboard?! Then the Nixon Time Teller P (RRP £64.99) could be for you!

The Time Teller does exactly what it says on the proverbial tin. This no-thrills-by-the-book timepiece is available in a variety of bold and bright colours reminiscent of the Flik Flak and Timex watches from yesteryear! Go on unleash your inner child!

Featuring a polycarbonate case, 3-hand Japanese quartz movement, water resistant up to 100m and a moulded polyurethane band.

3. Something to catch the eye:

Is your Eau De Toilette the scent of opulence? What better watch to compliment it with than the Nixon 51-30 (RRP £289.99 – £649.99)

This unashamedly audacious timepiece screams “look at me”. Even it’s name is a nod to it’s size, 51.25mm being the diameter of the face and 30atm (300m) referring to it’s water resistance. Don’t let it’s grandeur put you off however, I own three and I’ve got pigeon wrists.

It’s available in either Tide or Chrono with a choice of Polyurethane, Leather or Stainless Steel band. If you feel like pushing the boat out even further there’s also a Titanium version.

Featuring a custom 3-hand Swiss quartz movement, chrono and date (51-30 Chrono/Chrono Leather models only) and 300m water resistance.

4. Understated Precision:

If high-end goods masquerading as “ordinary” are your thing then look no further than the hOme R-Class (RRP £329.99 – £384.99)

At first glance the R-Class seems fairly unassuming but like a great car what you pay for is under the bonnet or, in this instance, under the watch face. Hand-made in Switzerland and passed by the strictest quality control, you can be rest assured that what you’re getting for your money is a highly engineered and durable watch with timeless quality that can be handed down through the generations.

Featuring a 3-hand Swiss quartz Movement (hand assembled and tested in Switzerland), double locking clasp and water resistant to 50m.

Alternative: The Nixon Sentry

5. For the surfer in you:

If getting barrelled and hanging ten is your thing then never miss a swell with the Nixon Lodown (RRP £89.99)

The Lodown is pre-programmed with tide information for over 200 beaches until 2020 so finding out exactly when the waves are next on the push couldn’t be easier. As if that wasn’t “righteous” enough the Lodown also features dual time, alarm, wave counter, chrono and light.

Featuring a 100m water resistant polycarbonate case and polyurethane band.