Skis Of The Year

The top 5 skis of the year are never easy to pick, and are always the source of much debate!

This year, our overall ski winner is the K2 Kung Fujas. The one ski quiver is something that lots of companies promise, but K2 has truly delivered in the Kung Fujas. Its super versatile shape and 102mm under foot means that you’re never disappointed to have it on your feet as it handles all conditions effortlessly. From park and rails to pillows and cat trails, this is a spectacular ski and a well deserving winner of our ‘Best Overall’ category.

The ‘Best Powder Ski’ category has had more and more competition in recent years but for us, one ski has always risen just above its stiff competition. When the Armada JJ first came onto the scene it was met with suspicion by some and great anticipation by others. Its rule-breaking shape and camber turned a lot of heads, but anyone that’s ridden the JJ knows that it’s no gimmick. The float in powder is awesome, they’re so agile and quick to manoeuvre that you can be ripping tight trees or open faces and still have the same grin on your face, and the sidecut and camber underfoot mean that shredding back to the lift is no problem either. The Armada JJ is a superior ski and the unquestionable winner of the ‘Best Powder’ category.

Park skis are a very personal choice – everyone has a particular feel that they like – and you end up having a pretty close relationship with whatever you ride, because you tend to go through a lot together! Despite the vast array of options available, we’ve gone for a ski that gets amazing reviews time and time again, the Armada AR7. It’s been through a couple of incarnations in Armada’s 10 year history, but is still the park ski of choice for many of their team, and many a ripper around the world. It’s a poppy, responsive and durable ski that’s super stable bombing into the biggest of kickers, and can equally take a beating on urban rails and still get back up for more. There just isn’t anything that you can throw at it that it won’t relish – you will definitely tire out before it does, and it will be the one waking you up in the morning hustling you into first chair. The Armada AR7, ‘Best Park Ski’ – no doubt.

If you’re looking for a great value ski, the last thing you want is to sacrifice on quality – and that’s where the Faction Kennedy comes in. At just £309, you get a premium ski – perfectly balanced, park and pipe focussed but it can rip groomers like the best of them too. Our own team rider and International Faction skier Andy Matthew chooses the Kennedy as his ski of choice, and it’s the basis of the Candide Thovex Pro Model as well. If you’re looking for a performance ski without the premium price tag, this is the ski for you – and hence the winner of ‘Best Value’ ski.

Our ‘Best Girls’ ski this year is the K2 Missdemeanor – a true all mountain ripper! This is a ski you can rely on in any conditions, it’s got a really versatile shape and at 90mm underfoot you can shred park, trees or groomers all in the same run. It’s robust and durable to put up with any punishment you might dish out too, and it’s price tag is far from fearsome. Ticking all the boxes, that’s why the Missdemeanor is our ‘Best Girls’ ski.

As ever, we love to hear your thoughts – what’s your favourite ski, and why? Let us know in the comments below. If you’re looking for something that’s not here, check out the rest of our ski range here, and see for yourself how though it is to pick out just 5 from such an awesome selection!