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Stance are the Undisputed Champion of the Sock

It’s a bold claim but we can’t think of many other brands that have taken this often overlooked, but always essential, accessory and turned it into something that looks great, feels ace, and lasts for ages. This iconic brand has brought innovation to the otherwise mundane existence of the everyday sock, there’s no one like them. Their Uncommon Thread is rapidly becoming more common, nowadays a Stance sock has you covered for just about any activity, in just about every design you could imagine.

Stance Socks Bundle

Variety is most certainly the spice-of-life, but all this choice can be a bit daunting, so we’ve created this guide to steer you through a practically endless assortment of socks. If you don’t know your training from your skate, or the difference between performance and enhanced cushion (we didn’t), then this should help you find the best Stance sock to suit your needs.

First off, we’ll define the different styles or ‘cuts’ of sock, then we’ll launch into the Stance range rundown for a closer look at each design, before wrapping it all up by addressing the nuances of Stance socks.

What Stance Sock is Right?

There are three styles or ‘cuts’ of Stance sock we’ll be looking at. They are:
Crew – The classic mid-height sock, about 6/8” or 15cm
Tab – Low cut sock with a heel tab for easy on and off.
Invisible/Liner – Lines the shoe and stays out of sight.

Stance Lineup

The Stance Socks Range Rundown…

Stance have a huge range of different socks and an equally diverse (confusing) range of designs to choose. These are the main contenders:


This Stance sock does exactly what it says. They’re fair bit thinner than Stance’s classic cut but with added elastane around the cuff and mid-foot that locks the sock in extremely well. They feature a seamless toe closure for comfort and reinforced heel for durability.
The Everyday range is made from either super-comfy combed cotton or a synthetic polyester blend. Available in crew height and constructed to provide a light cushioning.


A supremely comfortable sock for any day of the week. The Classic is thicker than the Everyday with cushioning located around the heel, toe, and underfoot. Stance keep the top-foot fabric thinner for increased breathability and add mid-foot elastane for a snug feel.
The Classic range comes in the original crew cut fit with a medium level of cushioning and athletic ribbing for added lower leg security. Like the Everyday range, the Classic is made in both combed cotton and a synthetic polyester blend.


Stance’s offering for gym-sharks, cross-fit fans, and high-output activity enthusiasts. Their Training range is made exclusively from a performance polyester blend with FEEL 360 technology (see ‘nuances’ below) that enhances drying and wicks moisture away from your feet.
The Training range is available in both crew height and tab cut. These socks are designed to provide maximum support, built with mapped performance cushioning in specifically targeted areas of the foot. As a result, these socks are foot-specific with a handy left and right indicator on each sole.


The ultimate ascension sock. Stance’s Trek range features their FEEL 360 technology (the below) for maximum comfort but in a performance merino blend fabric with medium cushioning. As you’d imagine, the Trek range is on the thicker side but they’re far from bulky, like a beefed-up Training sock.
Stance have added their Deathless Thread technology through the heel and into the toe zone for a truly durable hiking sock. The sewn logo patch is relocated to just under the elasticated cuff so as not to chafe the foot in walking boots.
The Trek range is available in Crew height.

Special Edition

Enter the biggest and boldest sock collaborations going. From Star Wars droids to 70s punk bands, Stance have hooked up with pretty much any cult, surf, skate, and music icon you can imagine to deliver a plethora of special edition designs.
Special Edition socks from Stance come in range of different fabric/cushioning types but they’re almost always a crew height sock that’s built with their signature seamless toe closure and heel reinforcement.

Super Invisible

A take on the classic liner sock with some welcome improvements. The Super Invisible range is designed to slip inside your shoe and remain unnoticed for a summertime barefoot look.
As you’d imagine, these socks are fairly lightweight meaning they’ll breathe exceptionally well but Stance have added mid-foot enhanced cushioning for extra support. They feature a silicone ‘no slip grip’ at the heel and elastane cuff area to hold them in place all day long.
All our Super Invisible socks are made from Combed Cotton.

A Brief Word on the Nuances of Stance Socks…

Fabric Types

All Stance socks are made from a blend of fabric types. In fact, almost all socks you’ll find are. To put it most simply, Stance classify their sock construction by the most prevalent fabric in each individual pair.

If you’re after a specific fabric type, then use our ‘style’ filter to refine your search or contact us if you’re still in a pickle and need some direct assistance.

Stance Training vs Athletic Range

What’s the difference? The Athletic range is a pre-cursor to Stance’s Training series and is almost entirely the same but without FEEL 360 and with a slightly different cushioning pattern.

How Do You Wear Stance Socks?

We’re often asked how Stance socks are worn, to which we try to avoid the obvious sarcastic answer.
However, some ranges of Stance sock, such as the Training and Trek models, feature mapped cushioning that’s specific to each foot. You’ll find an L/R on each sole to guide your sock placement.
Confusingly, Stance also put a size indicator on all their other socks, so you’ll see an ‘L’ on the sole of any large sock. No, you don’t have two left feet, but it’s an easy mistake to make. To make things easier just look at the location on the Stance sewn logo – it should go on the inside edge of the sock. We think.

Stance Socks Buying Bundle

How to Wash Stance Socks

This can vary on the model but generally:

  • Machine wash at, or below, 40°C/104°F.
  • Do not bleach, although some can handle non-chlorine bleach
  • Tumble dry on a low heat (some must be air dried out of sunlight)
  • Do not iron (it’s not good for them, and there’s no need)
  • Most you can get dry cleaned but not all.

If you’re ever in doubt, don’t do it, contact us and we’ll try and find out the best cleaning method for your favourite socks.

Feel 360

Stance’s proprietary ‘FEEL 360’ technology keeps your feet fresh with silver-ions to reduce odour-causing bacteria, reactive fibres to regulate temperature, and durable twisted yarns that increase the sock’s lifespan.

What Size of Stance Sock Fits Me?

You’ll need to know your foot length in some form, but you’ll find a size guide at the bottom of every Stance product on our website.