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Surf Christmas Gift Ideas

Surf Christmas Gift Ideas

Surfers are an elusive bunch. If you surf then you know all about keeping secrets locked-down, a great concept if you’re favourite break is firing and you’re the only one in the line-up. Not so good when it comes to giving friends and family gift ideas… Conversely, if you’re trying to pick a Christmas present for the accomplished surfer, or even the just beginner, then trying to get gift ideas from them is like drawing blood from a stone.

Unfortunately, it’s also a sport with a minefield of bias to navigate - there’s nothing worse being labelled a ‘kook’. With that in mind we’ve gathered a suitable selection of cool and practical surf essentials that’ll make any surfer smile this Christmas. These unassuming gifts are the ideal present – designed to make life easier whether you’re a dedicated winter warrior surfing Scotland’s North-West, or setting off to sunny breaks for some Festive warm-water swell. 

Freeze Pro Shop Dritek Wetsuit Hanger

Our Dritek X Freeze collaboration hanger is constructed using 100% recycled plastic and made to last a lifetime, or two. Designed with Dritek’s easy-to-use carabiner and quick-adjust strap for rapid hanging the Freeze Pro Shop Dritek Wetsuit Hanger is capable of slinging up a soggy suit pretty much anywhere. This thing is solid and comfortably holds 30kgs, meaning you’re hard searched for Christmas gift won’t be ending up in the landfill with single-flight drones and snapped selfie-sticks. The Dritek Hanger is great for drying wet ski and snowboard clothing too. Grab a twin pack and sort your own Festive present at the same time.

SexWax Quick Humps

Christmas Gift List 2018 Freeze Pro Shop Surf Sex Wax Quick Humps

SexWax Quick Humps Surfboard Wax is the go-to board covering for surfers around the globe. With different formulas tailored to water temperatures, you’ll want to grab the right colour for your surfer’s chosen destination. Here’s a tip though – the softer the wax is, the colder the water should be. So if you’re on the East Coast of Scotland this Christmas then you’ll be looking at SexWax Quick Humps Yellow. Conversely, if there’s a tropical swell-hunt underway, or you’re native to the Southern Hemisphere this Christmas then head for the SexWax Quick Humps Orange, Red, or even Blue. These little nuggets of sticky wax are ideal Festive stocking fillers.

DaKine John John Florence Kainui Surf Leash

Christmas Gift List 2018 Freeze Pro Shop Surf DaKine John John Floren Kainui Surf Leash

DaKine pretty much kill it across all board-based sports. Their team consists of some seriously good shredders, including Mr. Florence, who’s nickname is really his first name. Now if that’s not bona-fide gnarly, we don’t know what is. Hawaiian-born John ‘John’ Florence has been tearing up Pipe surfing from a young age, so you know that when he puts his name on a leash, that leash is legit. The John John Florence Kainui Leash is constructed from high-strength ¼” urethane Dura-Cord for a bombproof surfboard connection that’s suitable for an overhead swell. The bonus? It’ll fit snugly inside your favourite surfer’s stocking this year.

SurfEars 2.0 Ear Plugs

Christmas Gift List 2018 Freeze Pro Shop Surf Creatures SurfEars 2.0 Ear Plugs

These might seem like a strange thing for a non-surfer, in fact, most surfers don’t really know why they exist. Surfer’s Ear is pretty common problem amongst the cold-water source-hunters out there. It’s essentially a bony growth inside the ear that causes no end of problems with hearing and other ear-associated ailments. The SurfEars 2.0 seal out the cold sea that cause Surfer’s Exostosis. So, what better to get your surfing S.O. this Christmas than the SurfEars 2.0 Ear Plugs. They’re designed to block out the cold water without affecting hearing and balance. Plus, they’re really small so they’ll fit under the Christmas tree no bother. 

Daisy's Cold Water Surf Cream

Daisy’s are born-and-bred on the Isle of Lewis in Scotland so these Hebridean homeopathists know all about the onslaught that saltwater brings to exposed skin. This Shea Butter and Coconut Oil concoction is designed to protect you from the wind and water by reducing chafing, moisturising the skin, and fending off the sea. Daisy’s haven’t been in the game long, but their product is having an undeniable impact. It may be relatively marginal but increasing comfort and warmth when you’re battling the winter seas has a huge benefit on your enjoyment, and your surfing. Give the gift of cold-water comfort this Christmas with a tin of Daisy’s under the tree. 

FCS Ratchet Tool

Christmas Gift List 2018 Freeze Pro Shop Surf FCS RATCHET TOOL

The FCS Ratchet Tool makes the perfect festive fin fastening stocking filler. It comes with multiple bits that make it a one stop workshop for anyone surfing with screwed-in fins.

Surf Is Where You Find It

Christmas Gift List 2018 Freeze Pro Shop Surf SURF IS WHERE YOU FIND IT

The ultimate inspiration for surfers, Gerry Lopez’s surf book “Surf is Where You Find It” tells the stories of lifetime in the surf. If you’re looking to reignite someone’s love for the surf this Christmas, this collection of 38 awe-inspiring stories is where you’ll find it.

And there’s much more…

Hopefully our Ski and Snowboard Gift List has given you some festive inspiration for this Christmas 2018. As always, there’s a heap more where that came from. Remember, if you can’t find what you’re looking for, or need a bit of extra help then don’t hesitate to contact us. Christmas delivery times and our opening hours are available here.

Christmas Gift List 2018 Freeze Pro Shop Surf Creatures SurfEars 2.0 Ear Plugs