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A good night’s sleep can be the difference between having a great time and a bad one when you’re outdoors, so choosing the right sleeping mat is a big decision. Therm-a-rest have been in the outdoor sleep game for over 40 years, so they know a thing or two about how to make a quality sleep mat, sleeping bag, pillow or blanket.

Their range has come a long way since their first original design, with products available to suit every kind of user – from a recreational family on a summer car camping trip, to the lightweight camping ounce-counter who’s looking to shave as many grams off as possible. So if you’re looking to pick up your next Therm-a-rest, take a look at this buy guide and comparison table to help you make the right choice.

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Choosing the Right Spec

Not all Therm-a-rest products were created equal – some are aimed at the entry level camper, while others are built to stand up to top-level, all-season expedition use. You don’t have to spend the earth to get a good night’s sleep, but it’s important to choose a mat with the level of performance that you need. When describing sleeping mats we mainly talk about packaged weight, packaged size (length, width and height) and R-Value.

Packaged Size and Weight

Therm-a-rest sleeping mats come in a range of sizes and weights, from the super-light NeoAir X-Lite to the luxurious DreamTime. Choosing the right one will mean knowing how you intend to use it.

If you’re new to sleeping outdoors and want some extra comfort then a larger, heavier, comfort-first mat will generally give you what you’re looking for. But if you’re going to be traveling a long way under your own steam, walking, running or cycling, then the added bulk of these comfort-oriented pads will start to cause problems.

If that’s the case then you want to consider a lighter pad that packs down to a smaller volume. Some of Therm-a-rest’s mid-range mats like the Trail Lite or warmer Trail Pro will provide a great level of comfort at a size and weight that will be portable enough for most users, while other mats can give the same level of insulation at around half the weight and a significantly smaller size.

It’s also worth remembering that the lightweight mats might not stand up to the same level of wear and tear as their more substantial cousins, so you might want to sacrifice a little weight-saving to get a mat that’ll stand the test of time.


Used to describe the thermal resistance of a material, R-Values are given to lots of insulation products like those used in building construction. The higher the R-Value, the harder it is for heat to pass through the material, and therefore the more insulating it is.

One of the key functions of a sleeping mat is to protect you from losing heat to the ground, but it’s not as simple as just looking at a mat’s thickness, to tell you how well insulated you’ll be. Different thicknesses, weights and designs can provide the same amount of insulation – so we really need the R-Value of a product to tell us how well the pad will perform.

An R-Value of 1 will only be effective down to a temperature of around 10 degrees celsius, whereas for comfortable sleeping in temperatures below zero you might need a combined insulation R-Value of over 5. For all-season winter camping you might find you need to combine more than one layer of sleeping pad to get the level of insulation you need for a comfortable night’s sleep, but sleeping position, clothing and sleeping bag can all have an impact too.

Therm-a-Rest Mat Comparison Table

The table below details the packed weight & dimensions, thickness and R-Value across Therm-a-rest’s three Sleeping Pad ranges to help you decide which is the right mat for you depending on what your priority is between weight, size and warmth.

If you have any further queries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help. Alternatively, just go and shop Therm-a-rest now!

Fast & Light

Mat Sizes Weight Thickness Packed Dimensions R-Value
NeoAir XTherm R 430g 6.3cm 23 x 10cm 5.7
L 570g 6.3cm 28 x 11cm 5.7
NeoAir XTherm MAX SV R 570g 6.3cm 23 x 10cm 5.7
L 740g 6.3cm 28 x 11cm 5.7
NeoAir XLite / NeoAir XLite Women’s S 230g 6.3cm 23 x 9cm 3.2
R 350g 6.3cm 23 x 10cm 3.2
L 460g 6.3cm 28 x 11cm 3.2
WR 340g 6.3cm 23 x 10cm 3.9
MaxAir XLite MAX SV R 460g 6.3cm 23 x 10cm 3.2
L 600g 6.3cm 28 x 11cm 3.2
NeoAir XLite / NeoAir XLite Women’s S 230g 6.3cm 23 x 9cm 3.2
R 350g 6.3cm 23 x 10cm 3.2
L 460g 6.3cm 28 x 11cm 3.2
WR 340g 6.3cm 23 x 10cm 3.9
NeoAir XLite MAX SV R 460g 6.3cm 23 x 10cm 3.2
L 600g 6.3cm 28 x 11cm 3.2
ProLite Plus / ProLite Plus Women’s S 450g 3.8cm 28 x 10cm 3.4
R 670g 3.8cm 28 x 12cm 3.4
L 900g 3.8cm 33 x 13cm 3.4
WR 650g 3.8cm 28 x 12cm 4.2
ProLite / ProLite Women’s XS 260g 2.5cm 28 x 8cm 2.4
S 370g 2.5cm 28 x 8cm 2.4
R 540g 2.5cm 28 x 10cm 2.4
L 740g 2.5cm 33 x 11cm 2.4
WR 530g 2.5cm 28 x 10cm 3.0
EvoLite R 520g 5cm 23 x 13cm 2.1
L 700g 5cm 28 x 14cm 2.1
EvoLite Plus R 690g 6.3cm 23 x 13cm 3.2
L 890g 6.3cm 28 x 14cm 3.2
Z Lite SOL / Z Lite R 410g 2cm 51 x 13 x 14cm 2.6

Trek & Travel

Mat Sizes Weight Thickness Packed Dimensions R-Value
NeoAir All Season SV R 680g 6.3cm 23 x 12cm 4.9
RW 820g 6.3cm 28 x 12cm 4.9
L 880g 6.3cm 28 x 12cm 4.9
NeoAir Trekker R 540g 6.3cm 23 x 11cm 3.0
RW 640g 6.3cm 28 x 12cm 3.0
L 560g 6.3cm 28 x 12cm 3.0
NeoAir Venture M 540g 5cm 23 x 11cm 1.8
R 560g 5cm 23 x 11.5cm 1.8
L 770g 5cm 28 x 11.5cm 1.8
NeoAir Voyager R 620g 6.3cm 23 x 11.5cm 2.2
RW 770g 6.3cm 28 x 12cm 2.2
L 830g 6.3cm 28 x 12cm 2.2
Trail King SV R 830g 6.3cm 28 x 17cm 1.8
L 1080g 6.3cm 33 x 18cm 1.8
Trail Pro R 740g 5cm 28 x 17cm 4.0
RW 910g 5cm 33 x 18cm 4.0
L 970g 5cm 33 x 18cm 4.0
WR 740g 5cm 28 x 17cm 4.8
Trail Lite R 740g 3.8cm 28 x 15cm 3.4
L 1050g 3.8cm 33 x 16cm 3.4
WR 710g 3.8cm 28 x 15cm 4.9
Trail Scout R 630g 2.5cm 28 x 14cm 3.4
L 860g 2.5cm 33 x 14cm 3.4
RidgeRest SOLite S 260g 1.5cm 51 x 17cm 2.8
R 400g 1.5cm 51 x 17cm 2.8
L 540g 1.5cm 51 x 17cm 2.8
RidgeRest Classic R 400g 1.5cm 51 x 20cm 2.6
L 540g 1.5cm 63 x 22cm 2.6

Camp & Comfort

Mat Sizes Weight Thickness Packed Dimensions R-Value
NeoAir Camper SV R 820g 7.6cm 13 x 13 x 25cm 2.2
L 1050g 7.6cm 15 x 15 x 30cm 1.8
XL 1276g 7.6cm 15 x 15 x 36cm 1.8
NeoAir Camper Duo Double 1870g 7.6cm 17 x 36cm 2.2
Dream Time L 3030g 9cm 63 x 25cm 10.0
XL 3630g 9cm 76 x 26cm 10.0
MondoKing 3D L 2500g 10cm 66 x 18cm 11.4
XXL 3065g 10cm 79 x 18cm 11.4
Luxury Map R 970g 5cm 53x 13cm 5.0
L 1250g 5cm 66 x 13cm 5.0
Xl 1670g 5cm 79 x 13cm 5.0
RidgeRest Solar L 740g 2cm 63 x 24cm 3.5

Get the Right Size of Therm-a-Rest Sleeping Mat Using the Chart Below:

Therm-a-Rest Sizes