Top Ten Tents of 2017

Whether you?re looking ahead to the winter and getting some overnight touring missions on the go, or you just want to squeeze everything you can from the autumn, a good tent is always at the top of any outdoor enthusiast’s wish list. But which do you go for? Sure, you can read the reviews? but what’s everyone else putting their money on, to keep them sheltered in the great outdoors?

Well, to help you make the right choice, we’ve looked back at our Top Ten Tents by sales for the last year. Here they are in suspense-building reverse order.

Who will win!? Let’s find out…

Vango Bora 200

10: Vango Bora 200 Tent 

Sneaking in at number ten on the list is Vango with their great value two-man, the Bora 200. At just over 2kg for not far over a hundred quid, this is a seriously appealing option for those looking for a versatile lightweight tunnel tent on a budget.

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9: Tentsile Connect Tree Tent

And now for something completely different? the Tentsile Connect. The only non-traditional tent to breach the Top Ten, the connect is a full-on two-person tent that can be suspended between trees, boulders, trucks or whatever else will hold it. Fully-featured and totally unique, the Connect is a worthy addition to the list.

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8: The North Face Talus 3 Tent

The North Face’s Talus 3 offers a great mix of spacious design and low weight for three people. Double doors mean that you won?t have to climb over your buddies to get out (unless you?re unfortunate to be sandwiched in the middle), and you’ll have plenty of space in the twin vestibules to store all your gear. A solid choice for any trip.

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7: MSR FreeLite 2 Tent

MSR’s lightest freestanding, double-wall, two-person tent delivers full-on protection without the weight penalty. It uses clever geometry to maximise headroom while keeping packed-bulk to a minimum. Fully featured and weighing in at just 1.36kg, this is a formidably light backpacking tent. All you ounce-counters ? take note!

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6: MSR Elixir 4 Tent

Another entry of MSR and this time it’s the biggest of their hugely popular Elixir range, the Elixir 4. The Elixir range hits a sweetspot in terms of weight, space, liveability and price. An easy-to-erect three-season, four-man option ? the Elixir 4 weighs in at a very respectable 4.2kg.

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5: MSR Papa Hubba NX Tent

The top half of the table is starting to look like a bit of an MSR whitewash as we say hello to the Papa Hubba NX. The daddy of MSR’s Hubba range is a four-man option like the Elixir 4, but packs down to the size of many far smaller tents, without sacrificing space or functionality. 2.96kg for a four-person tent!? Madness.

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4: MSR Hubba NX Solo Tent

Mountain Safety Research’s barnstorming performance continues with the Hubba NX Solo. Like Papa, the Solo is insanely light ? weighing in at a bonkers 1.29kg, with the option to go minimal at just 850kg. There’s rarely if ever been such a light but liveable one-man, three-season tent. Outstanding.

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3: MSR Mutha Hubba NX Tent

More from MSR as we move into the top three. This time it’s the three-man option from the super-light Hubba NX range. At 2.26kg, it’s light, as you?d probably expect. But with a large, easy-entry door and vestibule and bags of space inside, it’s an incredibly pleasant place to be in three-season conditions. One Mutha Hubba of a good tent!

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2: MSR Elixir 3 Tent

Back to the Elixir range for number two, and this time it’s that three-person, three-season blend that’s proving so popular. Offering loads of space, great headroom and a solid construction, the Elixir 3 represents incredible value at a solid 3.1kg packed weight. Easy to use and very liveable, the Elixir 3 is well worthy of the second podium step.

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1: MSR Elixir 2 Tent

And to complete the outstanding MSR performance in 2017, on the top step of the podium is the fantastic Elixir 2. Just by far and away our most popular tent, it offers that appealing blend of size, weight, performance and price that sees it flying off the shelves. 2.64kg fully packed or a teeny 1.61kg if you wanna go Fast & Light, the Elixir 2 delivers versatile durability for backpacking and three-season overnight adventures. A very liveable legend-in-the-making. Grab one now before they?re gone!

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Not sure you’ve spotted the one for you? Well, there are plenty of other options in store. Go ahead! Don?t be a sheep. Don?t follow the crowd. Be a leader and choose the tent that’s right for you! You’re a renegade, and we love it.

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