Union Contact Pro

Kazu. Brisse. T-Rice. Torstein. Gigi. Kass. Stevens. A veritable who’s who of contemporary snowboarding, the Dream Team of riding crews; all Union pro-riders.

For a company now a decade in, Union are still regarded as being in their infancy. Relatively unknown until about 4 years ago, at which point their reputation extended no further than the clique inner-circles of snowboarding, they burst onto the mainstream with the release of the Contact Pro.

Developed in collaboration with Gig Ruf, the Union Contact Pro was instrumental in placing the brand well and truly on the map and kick starting the momentum which would see them becoming one of the most revered binding manufacturers on the planet.

Continuing in the footsteps of its previous incarnations, this season’s Contact Pro is not one to disappoint. Rumoured to have cost upwards of ?2,000,000 to develop the result is a snowboard binding absolutely loaded with tech and innovation.

Utilising the baseplate from the standard model Contact, the worlds first reverse camber specific binding, and integrating Union’s Minidisk mounting system means the Contact Pro has unrivalled board feel and allows the board to flex as uninhibited as possible underfoot. The result is ?skate-truck? feel; loose and playful while retaining the power and control attributed to baseplates with a bigger footprint.

Union Contact Pro Chrome

Strategic coring of the components and careful selection of the materials used in their construction means the Contact Pro is also one of the lightest bindings on the market, weighing just 720g in S/M. In short a lighter binding means less fatigue over the course of a day’s riding, less swing weight on rotations, easier to balance across rails and less effort on ollies/nollies.

The ankle strap has a multi-layer construction which is designed to distribute pressure evenly across the foot. This stops ankle fatigue and means that strap can be slimmed down in profile due to the reduction in padding. The toe strap design means you?re also not limited to wearing it in one position, it can be worn as a tradition ?over the toe? strap, contemporary ?cap? strap or ?toe? strap, both of which heel to pull the heel into the back of the heel cup for a flush fit.

If you promised yourself new bindings this year then make life easy on yourself and go with a Union Contact Pro. Everything you could possible want and so much more. You won?t be disappointed!