Urban Backpacks

We all know that as the weather gets warmer the commute becomes less about the daily grind and more of a competitive catwalk. We’ve put together a mini lookbook to showcase the best of this season’s commuter kit to get you stepping in style. From lightweight spring-shower defence, to practical packs, these functional urban accessories will make your daily adventures a dream. 

patagonia toromiro 22L;

The Toromiro 22L from Patagonia packs a punch, and your packed-lunch, in recycled rucksack that reaffirms Patagonia’s eco-friendly reputation. We’ve followed this with a waxed wonder from Fjallraven. Keep it high and dry with the High Coast Wind Anorak – a wind-cheater that keeps its cool on the urban circuit but it’s also a top-performer on the trail too. 

douchebags thhe scholar redefined 22l;

douchebags the scholar redefined;

Ironically this Wear Colour Hurricane Parka features a fully black-on-black colourway. Still, it cooks up a casually stylish storm that will keep you cool, and covered, on the commute. We’ve paired it with the Douchebag’s smaller sized sack – The Scholar – which still has ample space for your laptop and lunch.

Ortlieb Daypack City Backpack;

Ortlieb’s Commuter Daypack City backpack is a smooth, cycle-commuter orientated pack that keeps it simple but keeps it safe. A waterproof roll-top that can take a laptop and your lunch, with heaps of space for a whole lot more. This velo-centric waterproof backpack is fully geared-up for the daily grind. Check out the Ortlieb City over here. Shown with the Torrentshell – a top-quality urban all-dayer for the discerning style purveyor. Patagonia’s recycled rain-shell will keep you dry as a bone on your tour of the town.

Burton Tinder Pack;

Swipe right on a vintage-styled rucksack – Burton blend a classic old-school cool with modern features to make the Tinder Pack one of our all-time favourites. Shown here with the Lane Parka from Volcom. Park your reservations at the door, this lightweight camo-cover has got your back on ventures into the city-wilderness.