Welcome Kirsty and Leon!

Here at Freeze we’ve always championed cohesion between skiers and snowboarders. At times we’ve even been outwardly vocal about our dislike of the abrupt and unnecessary friction between the two factions, which is often stoked by brands, retailers, media and elitists in both camps.

Since day one we’ve been a ski and snowboard shop. We don?t see a distinction between either. Ultimately we?re all in this for one reason, our love of snow.

Using our team to embody that ethos, we’ve compiled one of the strongest group of riders in the UK. We’ve got Olympians, old timers, dryslope kids, dome kids and die-hards, but one of the things we’ve lacked for several years is Young Guns.

So with this in mind, please allow us to introduce our newest members of the Freeze Team; Kirsty Muir and Leon Drynan.

Hailing from Aberdeen, twelve-year-old Kirsty first caught our attention at Bearsden’s Go Big or Go Home competition in 2015 where she walked away with the ?Best Unsponsored Skier? accolade after hucking, spinning and sliding all day long with a huge smile on her face. Since then Kirsty’s gone from strength-to-strength, regularly seen skiing at her home slope of Garthdee and riding for their team in the Championship Ski & Snowboard league.

“Many of the skiers I look up to are on the Freeze Team, I can’t believe I have joined it – so happy!”

Leon, 13, on the other hand is from just west of Glasgow. Often see riding the snowdome, he was picked up by Arbor snowboards last year and is currently competing for Braehead in the CSS league where he’s ranked as one of the top riders. Leon has bags of style and a unique and innovative approach to riding features akin to Scott Stevens and the Yawgoons crew.

?I?m super stoked to be part of the Freeze team alongside some of the best riders in the UK. These guys are so supportive of their riders and I’m really looking forward to working with them. Thanks for picking me up guys!’

If you want our advice keep an eye on these two, we?re predicting nothing but big things. Welcome to the Freeze Family Kirsty and Leon!

Photos of Leon courtesy of David Brown, and photos of Kirsty courtesy of Neil Macgrain.