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Welcome Will Wesson

Welcome Will Wesson

Photo: Mark Erickson

We’re stoked to welcome Will Wesson to the Freeze Team. 

X Games Real Street gold medallist and founding member of the legendary Line Traveling Circus, Will Wesson, has been at the front-and-centre of defining street skiing for well over a decade now. 

Will is one of the nicest dudes you’ll ever meet, and his passion for skiing and simply having fun is infectious. He’s responsible for injecting a healthy dose of creativity and excitement to the freestyle skiing world and has gone on to nurture and inspire a global community - from a grassroots level to the pages of Powder, and the lenses of Level 1 and TGR. I guarantee a good proportion of professional skiers will cite Will, and the Traveling Circus, as an inspiration at some point - whether they’re hustling in the streets, winning Olympic Medals or shredding Alaskan spines.

People don't realise the work it takes to make it in the streets. It takes a lot to stare down the barrel of a double-kink rail and get a decent clip out of a spot. First, you’ve got to find spots and see them with a perspective that’s not realised by everyone. Second, you need to check the run in, landing, right filming angles, and potential to throw down something rad. Third, there are the hours spent digging, building and making the features skiable, including but not limited too; angle grinding rails, cleaning up shrubbery, salting and firing the run in, testing, and trying not to get arrested… 

After all that you’re still faced with the fact that when you slam, you're slamming into concrete, ice, metal, wood. You’ve got to mentally, and physically, overcome that reality over and over, again and again. There are no coaches, no medical staff, no ski-techs, no judges, no shaping crew, no prize money or podium. Just you, your skis, your homies and the possibility of emptying your teeth all over an icy stair set for a ten-second clip.

For Will Wesson, growing up in New York state with not much reliable or consistent snowfall, meant that he had to get creative. Skiing whatever he could, however he could, and whenever he could. You can find out more about Will’s skiing journey in the video below: 

We’ve got some exciting stuff in the pipeline with Will over the next few months, make sure you stay tuned for what’s to come by following us and will on Instagram @freezeproshop But for now, here’s a very warm welcome to our man @willwesson @linetravelingcircus