Wigwam Socks

Socks may not be the most glamorous piece of equipment you have, but every skier and snowboarder knows the value of a quality sock! This year, we’ve teamed up with Wigwam who know all about performance socks – not least because they’ve been in the game since 1905!

The most important thing a good sock should do is to keep you dry inside the boot – that’s what also helps to keep you warm, and prevents you picking up any dreaded blisters – it really can keep you on the hill for longer. All our Wigwam socks are Ultimax® Pro or Smart Silver® which kills germs and eliminates odour, something that can be incredibly useful when you’re living out of a bag! You can also get a few days riding out of each pair between washes which means one pair of these easily beats 2 cheaper options…

Freeze and Team GB athletes Murray Buchan & Andy Matthew and Team GB coach Jamie Matthew are all wearing Wigwam socks this season, and will testify to how good they are. Are these the best socks in the business? We think so.