Will Wesson

When you grow up in New York, you’ve gotta get creative when it comes to skiing. Without reliable snowfall or perfectly manicured park features on your doorstep, you ski whatever’s ski-able, whenever you come across it.  Will Wesson has maintained that mindset throughout his skiing career ? taking the opportunity to have fun on his skis whenever he can.

Our man Lewis headed to Chill Factor, Manchester to catch up with the Travelling Circus founder and learn a bit more about his life on the road.

Some life, eh? Let’s check out Will’s setup?


Line Blend Skis 2019

Line Blend

The Blend has been amongst the best-selling skis at Freeze over a number of seasons ? and no wonder. Perfectly combining strength and manoeuvrability, they’ll do the job in the park, for cruisy groomer laps, and with Line’s Early Rise Tip and Tail working with the 100mm waist, they’ll give you plenty float when the snow’s at its powdery best. They’ve got a buttery, symmetrical flex that’ll help you work on your pressing game, and Line’s versatile 5-Cut Sidecut that offers you an intuitive turn shape. The Blend’s built with a Fatty Base and Edges, and Capwall construction that’ll stand up to more than a few dings on rails.

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2019 Marker Jester 16 Ski Bindings

Marker Jester 16 Bindings

Just like the Blend, Will Wesson’s binding of choice opens up a load of possibilities in terms of how and where he skis. From park rats to freeride legends, the Jester remains a popular choice ? uncompromising strength and reliability, versatility that caters for a range of boot soles, and efficient power transfer means they tick all the boxes for most skiers.

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Full Tilt Drop Kick BootsFull Tilt Drop Kick BootsFull Tilt Drop Kick Boots

Full Tilt Drop Kick

Whatever your skiing style, the Drop Kick will likely fit the bill. From hopping on rails to dropping off cliffs into knee-deep, Full Tilt’s legendary 3-piece design gives you that all-important progressive flex that never bottoms-out, keeping your shins happy during those epic days. They come with a 6-flex interchangeable tongue, so if need be, you can swap it out for one that suits you more.

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Line Pollards Paintbrush Poles

Line Pollards Paintbrush Poles

Will rocks Eric Pollard’s signature pole. They’ve got a unique look, with artwork by Pollard himself. Adjustable length and two basket sizes mean you can customise them to suit you.

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