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The ABS® avalanche airbag system has been designed and developed with professional mountain guides and avalanche information specialists to create a sophisticated system that helps prevent the skier, snowboarder or mountaineer from being buried in an avalanche as well as limit any physical harm during the slide by keeping you as close to the surface of the moving snow and debris as possible.

The best approach to avoid being buried in an avalanche is to increase your bodies mass and volume to help you stay on the surface. The principle behind the design is that larger objects will always move to the top and the moving snow crystals will creep under your body and push you upwards allowing you to breathe and limit body impact and injury from the weight of the snow.

The ABS bags are neatly folded away inside the base unit and when activated, the TwinBag design inflates to produce 2 airbags each with a volume of 85 Litres either side of your body and head.

ABS® airbags have shown how they offer the highest survival rate amongst avalanche victims. Of the 262 persons whose ABS® avalanche airbag was activated, 97% survived, 84% remained uninjured and only 3% died.

Statistics have shown that by using an ABS® airbag or avalanche airbag system, you are eight times safer in the event of an avalanche and have the greatest chance of survival.