Founded in 1991 by climbers from North Vancouver who wanted to make a superior climbing harness, Arc’teryx now makes equipment, clothing and outerwear for the worlds most demanding snow-sport and outdoor activities. Arc’teryx unique brand name and logo refer to the discovery of one of the most complete, pre-historic, reptilian bird skeleton that featured early evolutionary wings and is called the Archaeopteryx lithographica. This mantra of science and discovery in name has created a foundation of building technical product from the core out, which has stuck with Arc’teryx since its inception. 

Quick access to the Sea to Sky region in British Columbia between Vancouver and Whistler has been the perfect breeding ground and testing center for Arc’teryx cutting edge design and rigorous testing procedures. A commitment to inspired design from the surrounding mountains is what pushes Arc’teryx designers to not only make the best product for their customers, but for themselves as avid skiers and outdoors enthusiasts.

Superior Tech

Arc’teryx super-light range of Gore-Tex jackets and pants for skiers and snowboarders are considered to be the top in the industry. With a focus on maintaining the waterproofing and warmth needed in Western Canada, Arc’Teryx uses highly durable and extra breathable laminates in regions like their jacket shoulders and hoods, where most precipitation falls on the rider. Jackets from the Whiteline collection, like the Rush, are prime examples of this. Look out for engineered areas in the underarm or around the knee that add mobility and increase breathability, to help remove moisture from the skin. 

Much like their distinct skeleton logo that’s synonymous with quality to mountain sports enthusiasts, Arc’teryx aesthetics are unique in their color and simplistic style. Many of Arc’teryx products are bright enough to stick out in the Alpine, but minimalist in there sleek lines and design to be worn for a walk around the city.

What have we got in store at Freeze?

Along with the techy and ultra-light outerwear, we also carry a range of Arc’Teryx gloves, thermals, clothing and accessories. We're also proud to stock the brand new Arc’teryx Procline Apline Touring Ski Boot, which is the first hybrid ski touring boot with the inspired design and mobility of a mountaineering boot for those challenging ascents and descents. 

Arc’teryx in-house design and R&D teams have done the homework on the high-end material that goes into every product by putting it through the motions necessary to uphold and withstand the elements. Whether you’re buying a fashionable insulated jacket or a beanie, you know that the quality gear they produce has earned Arc’teryx its outstanding reputation.

Need some help to explore the range?

Choosing the perfect system of layers and outerwear, the best touring boots or whatever else you need can be a tricky business. That's why we've put together this selection of handy gear buying guides. You'll find a ski boot buying guide, a glove and mitten guide, and an outerwear and layering guide that you might find useful. If there's anything you want to know more about, or you'd just rather speak to a human being – that's cool – get in touch and we'll be more than happy to help.