About BCA

Since their inception in 1994, BCA (which stands for Backcountry Access) have made it their mission to ‘save lives and not just sell products’. The brand has been a pioneer in researching and developing a range of safety equipment aimed to keep backcountry skiers and explorers safe in harmful snow and weather conditions. This means producing equipment that has been tested to the highest safety standards. Making products that use materials that won’t fail on you when you need them, even if they cost more to produce.  

Along with supplying the best equipment, BCA also wants to educate their customers on the dangers that come with entering the backcountry. The company hasn’t just invested time and R&D resource into its equipment, they’ve done the same to produce educational materials too. BCA pride themselves in being ‘knowledge leaders’ by making easy-to-use product manuals and having a website chalked full of up to date backcountry safety content that helps to keep its customers and other backcountry enthusiasts safe.

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Focused on safety from day one

When BCA’s founder Bruce Edgerly was testing the brand’s first product in the winter of ‘94, the crew he was with was swept away by an avalanche in the Colorado backcountry. Everyone in that crew survived, but the chance encounter left an impression on Edgerly, which he relayed to his small crew of designers and engineers. From early on in its existence, BCA made a full commitment to team up and reinvent the avalanche transceiver. 

The brand’s overall goal was to make backcountry skiing safer by making equipment like transceivers and probes more user friendly and accessible. By improving ease of use and educating their customers, BCA aimed to create products and a business that would help people get out and explore the backcountry safely. 

Today, BCA is a huge player in the backcountry safety equipment business. They provide some of the safest and most technically-advanced equipment, while doing their best to educate skiers on the risks posed by snow and mountain conditions. Their products are trusted by some of the best skiers, snowboarders and backcountry guides in the most extreme situations and they’re actively at work educating some of the premiere mountaineering and backcountry rescue operations in the world.

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BCA + Freeze = Safety

BCA transceivers, shovels, probes and snow testing accessories are amongst the best in the business which is why you’ll find a big range in store. The fact that, as a brand, they’re working with many of the world’s ski resorts and public backcountry access points to install beacon checkpoints and educate rescue teams is endorsement enough for us.

If you’re thinking about picking up a BCA product, be sure to check out the awesome avalanche safety training resources on their website. As BCA founder Bruce Edgerly says, the best tool for mitigating against risks in the backcountry is education. Make sure to get instruction on how to use your BCA products and understand the snow conditions you’re entering before even thinking about heading off-piste. That knowledge could save your life.

Need some help to choose?

If you're in the market for some backcountry safety gear, check out our Avalanche Safety Gear Guide for the lowdown on what to look out for. You'll find it, along with loads of other useful info, over on our gear guides page. Of course, we've got a lot of other knowledge in the team here at Freeze too, so if you have any specific questions, feel free to get in touch and we'll be happy to help.