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Black Crows is one of the world’s premiere indie freesking brands. Hailing from Chamonix, France, the Black Crows began with a philosophy that ski culture and creativity could help them in their process of constructing a ski that was design-driven and uncompromising in performance.

Founded by professional freeskiers Camille Jaccoux and Bruno Compagnet in the winter of 2006, the started with a concept of creating the perfect freeride ski. Now over ten years later, they have created a line of the most sought after, handcrafted skis on the market, which are tested and designed to be ridden in the varying extreme conditions of the brand’s backyard in the French Alps.

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Different aesthetics from a different point of view

Black Crows’ goal was to make the perfect all-mountain freeski. Something wide enough to float in deep snow, while being progressive and playful in performance when firmer conditions demand it. The brands name comes from one of the brand’s owners’ interest in seeing the Chough birds on long ascents in the Alps.

Choughs are small black birds with yellow beaks, belonging to the Corvid family and are one of the few birds that can fly at over 4000 meters. The idea of constructing a ski with a wingspan, something to fly down the mountain, gliding through powder and freely carving piste has stuck with the brand’s ski line since its inception. The first Black Crows ski was dubbed the Corvus, a ski still in their line up, and was inspired by the owner’s affection for that high flying little black bird.

When you first see a set of Black Crow skis, they sticks out on the mountain. From the simplicity of the Helvectica font ‘Black Crows’ print on the ski’s bases, to the topsheets littered with tiny multi colored bird silhouettes, in prints created by one of Paris’s premiere design firms, the skis just look different. The effects of these designs make for sets of skis that few brands can compete with in the appearance department. 

The skis

Black Crows skis are made for good skiers. Much of the line up fuses progressive tip and tail shapes, defined camber and rocker profiles, and waists that match the expected snow depth of a hard charging skier, without sacrificing the all-mountain capability of any specific ski, despite what its width underfoot says. 

Construction-wise, the skis are handcrafted in France. Many of the Black Crows skis have dual wood cores, enhanced with fiberglass to allow for a lively, yet rigid ride, and ABS semi-capped sidewalls that can hold up to the abuse of professional skiers. 

The Freebird touring line up are skis of identical shape and dimension to their ‘partners’ in name. These skis have lighter core materials to keep the weight down for those long ascents, without losing the rigid feel and performance of their partners.

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Black Crows at Freeze

Here at Freeze we’re big fans of this up-and-coming ski brand. Black Crows has also done a lot for the skiers it sponsors and endorses, lining up a team of professional rippers and professional ski bums who represent what the brand set out to do: make awesome independent skis for awesome, independently minded skiers. If you choose to fly with them, you’re making a solid choice.

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