Pimp your Noggin with Coal Headwear

If you’re in the market for a good lookin’ hat or beanie, Coal products are about as good as it gets. They make beanies, caps, knits and hats that look great, are super comfortable, and maintain their quality through everyday wear.

Coal was founded on the belief that headwear is more than an accessory. It’s something that’s a part of your lifestyle and interwoven into your identity. That’s why Coal hats are designed to look great wherever you rock them, from the ski-resort chairlift to that exclusive craft beer joint that’s just opened over in the hipster end of town.

Born in the Pacific North West

Founded back in 2002 in the city of Portland, Coal has created its unique vibe by staying rooted in the culture and outdoors of the Pacific North West. Their headwear’s mixture of classic Americana aesthetics and an appreciation for the natural beauty of Oregon are evident in the colours and designs of each product.

The snowboard, surf and skate scenes were all an integral part of the lifestyle of Coal’s founding fathers, and they continue to provide inspiration today. The aim has always been to build Coal into a brand that would be embraced by those communities, while also meshing with the evolving lives of other similarly-minded individuals in Portland and beyond.

Attention to Detail in Design

Coal puts a great focus on the whole design process with every hat they make. Whether they’re adapting a classic design or working on something more unique, they spend time making sure that every element works in harmony – from the overall shape and look, to how it fits, and the fine attention to detail that will set a Coal hat apart from its competitors.

It could be an off-colored stitch pattern on a flat-brim cap, a beanie that’s knitted with extra fleece around the ears for warmth, or the subtle Coal label properly placed on each hat – their uncompromising approach to design and detail creates product that really stands out in the market.

Coal at Freeze

Coal headwear has built a reputation as one of the hippest hat companies in America and they’re big favorites amongst our team. Turns out they look great behind a desk or packing boxes in the warehouse too!