About DaKine

DaKine started in 1979 and since then the company has been designing and manufacturing back packs, luggage, apparel and equipment for snowsports, watersports, MTB and travel. With a reputation for being sport-minded problem solvers since the very beginning, they're now regarded as the benchmark by which every other sports luggage manufacturer is judged.


They started off designing a super-strong surf leash, to protect against the biggest slams. Then they revolutionised windsurfing, with a bunch of innovative products to help riders go harder for longer. When snowboarders came to call, they delivered The Heli Pro - the original backcountry backpack. Designed to carry your skis or board along with all the other essentials you need for a day in the mountains, it's still a force to be reckoned with today.

Tough-wearing material and cool fabrics make their ski and snowboard bags, packs and travel luggage really stand out from the crowd. Their range of gloves, apparel, accessories and tools have also continued the company's same commitment to quality that's has kept them as an industry leader, both in quality and desirability, since they began over 35 years ago.

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