Firmly focused on your feet

What separates Dalbello from other brands? They only manufacture ski boots. Their goal is to make the most comfortable and technically innovative boots in the market, and that’s something the Italian company has built a reputation in doing since they were founded in 1974. 

Today, Dalbello’s boots are still made in Italy and their 100% focus on ski boot design has seen them produce some of the most advanced and sought after boots in the industry.

The perfect fit for Freeskiing

Dalbello builds comfortable ski boots for skiers of all abilities, but since the early 2000s they’ve become closely associated freeskiing. Just as the ski industry was beginning to revitalize itself on the back of the newschool movement, legendary ski bum extraordinaire Glen Blake – one of the early pioneers of extreme skiing who had long been sponsored by Dalbello – pushed the brand’s owners to begin researching the best way to make a freeski-specific boot. 

That’s how the Rider Development Project was born. This innovative project focused on improving the performance and function of Dalbello’s boots by testing them one on one with the world’s top freeskiers – and it worked. They were able to devise a close fitting and stable ski boot, with a smooth forward flex pattern, that was also powerful and could stand up to the impacts that a modern freerider and park skier has to take – everything that you still get from a Dalbello boot today.

A unique construction

With the help of their development program, Dalbello’s Italian engineers devised the Cabrio 3-piece system. The Cabrio system uses an external shell tongue to give a more progressive forward flex than you get from the traditional 2-piece clog/cuff construction used by most other boot brands. This means a reduction in shin bang and discomfort from the front of the boot, while still providing enough lateral stiffness to transfer maximum pressure into the ski’s edge.

Ever heard of X Games halfpipe champion Kevin Rolland? What about Olympic slopestyle medallist Nick Goepper? No? How about Tanner Hall, possibly the most influential and now legendary freestyle skier of the new millennium? Dalbello continues to fill their team with the best skiers on the planet, who consistently give feedback to the company’s engineers to aid the boot design process. 

They’re tested in the most demanding conditions that the sport can provide so you know that when you buy Dalbello, you’re getting a superior quality and durable ski boot.

Dalbello at Freeze

Dalbello is a brand that has been firmly behind freeskiing since the beginning and we’ve got a huge amount of respect for them for that. We offer wide variety of men’s and women’s boots, so you’re sure to find something that works for you, whether you’re just making your first turns or you’re going big in the park. 

Whatever Dalbello boot you choose, you can be safe in the knowledge that their quality, manufacturing and testing is hard to beat, and that you’re buying boots from a brand whose sole focus is your feet.