A bunch of real Douchebags

What happens when the legendary Swedish skier Jon Olsson meets a couple Norwegian students while surfing off the coast of Norway in 2009? The answer is that they bond, share some waves and a few beverages, then come to the same conclusion: the bags they’ve been using to travel the world and do the sports they love totally suck. 

This is how Douchebags was born. A simple conversation morphed into an idea, which was to redefine travel gear and bags for the modern extreme sports enthusiast. 

The small group of Scandinavians decided to talk to everyone they knew about making, using and handling bags, which included pro skiers, airport baggage handling unions and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. The results speak for themselves so far. Douchebags are some of the most sought after ski bags in the industry, earning numerous awards and hype from some of the world’s premiere ski and sports publications.

The Douche Principles  

In order to become the bags that everyone wanted, Douchebags needed to take the feedback they received seriously. Before the first shipments of their products went to market, the company set out five principles of what a solid ski and all-purpose sports bag would be. 

Douchebags had to be lightweight to prevent from extra airline charges, while being adjustable and compactable for carrying different lengths and types of gear, and to be easily packed away. The bags also had to have solid and simple carrying and rolling systems for easy and functional usage. Last but not least, the bags had to be able to withstand the abuse of traveling through airports, cities and ski lodges or wherever else they ventured while protecting the valuable products and equipment that today’s travelers take with them. 

In 2012, after launching their first product line at the ISPO trade show in Munich, these principles helped Douchebags to be named as finalists for the Innovation Award. In the following two months the company was sold out of their entire line of bags and had distribution deals for their growing line of products worldwide.

The Douchebags at Freeze

Douchebags is now one of the Norwegian brands we get asked about most at Freeze, and we couldn’t be happier to carry them. The company has partnered with some of the coolest skiers, pro athletes and tastemakers, who have all got behind the brand’s solid line of bags.

Whether you’re after the uber-popular Slim Jim bags, which can have other types of Douchebag’s attached to them for easy traveling, or The Big Bastard and Hugger travel bags that are ultra-lightweight and durable, they all come in simple designs and colorways so you’ll look good when rolling them around the airport or carrying them up to the lodge.

Douchebags goal is to make traveling easier. If you ask us, their range of ski and travel bags has done just that and more.

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