About Dragon Alliance

Established in a Californian garage in 1993 by passionate snowboarder, surfer and dirt bike rider Will Howard, Dragon Alliance produces goggles and sunglasses that are designed to inspire his fellow riders and enable them to share in his beloved sports.

Although they started out small, distributing sunglasses and goggles to the local market, Dragon is now a truly global brand and has expanded their product range to include soft goods and accessories.

Dragon Alliance Goggles and Sunglasses

Rider-inspired products

Since the beginning, Dragon set out to work closely with pro level athletes, working together to develop products that were both stylish and highly innovative – providing protection and visual clarity in products that perform at an elite level. Early team riders and legends in their own sports, Jamie Lynn and Shane Dorian, are both still involved to this day, which is testament to Dragon’s continued quality output and refusal to stand still.

Always innovating

Dragon’s commitment to innovation in style and technology is clear. In 2011 they were the first brand to introduce a frameless snowsports goggle – a move that was incredibly popular and has since been imitated by virtually every other goggle manufacturer in the business.

Dragon Sunglasses and Goggles

Lately they’ve designed and launched a clever range of transition goggle lenses that adapt to match the conditions. The tint changes, gradually getting lighter or darker in response to the light conditions you find yourself riding in throughout the day. Available in four different variants, the transition goggle lenses are just another way that Dragon show their creative technical flair and ability to adapt – taking a varied set of influences and tying them together with their own unique style.

Of course, it's not only on snow that Dragon are developing clever solutions to common problems. They're great in the water too - creating a range of surfing sunnies that look good and float when dropped, so they don't end up on the bottom of the sea.

Need any help?

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