Dryrobe Changing Robes

About Dryrobe 

Have you ever been freezing after getting out of the water in less-than-ideal conditions? Maybe you’re a surfer who braves it in the North Atlantic and you need to get changed in the parking lot as the wind ravages the shore and rain hits from all angles?

That’s who Gideon Bright was, and still is. He’s a cold-water surfer. But he’s also the surfer that saw the light. He realised that things didn’t need to be the way they were. You didn’t need to face the elements and you didn’t need to freeze while getting changed. He realised that if you’re draped in the right kind of changing robe, the whole laborious process of getting in and out of a wetsuit could be a much more pleasant experience. He knew there was a better way and he wanted to share it – and that’s how Dryrobe was born.

Bright was inspired by a present he’d received almost 30 years before the company’s launch, when his mother hand-knitted him a massive robe-style towel to keep him warm at his local surf spot. When he started the brand from his bedroom in 2013, the original idea of the Dryrobe’s function hadn’t changed – it was all about keeping you warm and comfortable while you change – and that’s what it’s still all about today.

Creating a haven from all the elements

It’s hard to believe that there was really nothing like the Dryrobe before. Swimmers wore bathrobes. Atlantic surfers used parkas. But no one saw the need to have something as simple as a dedicated changing robe to use in cold and wet conditions. 

After a few rainier test days on the beach with the original towel-styled robes, he realised he also needed something to keep his robe users dry and sheltered from harsher winds. That’s when he made the genius move to add waterproof and windproof shells and more insulation to his designs – with the option of different robe and sleeve lengths. 

What Gideon and Dryrobe created was a haven from the elements that every type of watersport athlete soon wanted. Dryrobes began popping up at major events, draped on the likes of professional surfers, Olympic athletes and World Cup triathletes. Whether they were amateur or pro, one thing was clear – everyone felt more comfortable getting out of the water and in to a warm, waterproofed Dryrobe.

Dryrobe at Freeze

Here at Freeze we’re stoked to offer a range of the UK-based brand’s fantastic Dryrobes, that were originally designed with North Atlantic surfers in mind. These Outdoor Change Robes have become a shop staple and are in high demand. The Towels, or the super popular Tri-Series Dryrobe Advanced, can be regularly seen on beaches around the U.K. and there’s surfers here at the shop and on our surf team who swear by them.

You don’t need to be a high-performance athlete to enjoy being warm. Dryrobes work just as well after a river Kayak or swimming pool session, as they do on cold seashores after you’ve surfed all morning. Go on, give one a go, you won’t be disappointed!

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