Dynafit Ski Boots, Bindings & Accessories

About Dynafit

Dynatfit is one of the most technical and influential ski brands on the market, having produced boots since 1950 and introduced the Pin-tech or 3-pin ski touring boot and binding system to the world. Placing a big focus on ski mountaineering, touring, backcountry and freeride – Dynafit produce a huge range of technical apparel, skis, boots, bindings, helmets, packs and accessories that are aimed at peak performance across the whole mountain.

Be like a snow leopard

Their logo is a snow leopard – a majestic animal that moves swiftly and elegantly through the mountains – all the things that Dynafit want you to be. That’s why their products are all about speed, lightness, endurance and technology. However you choose to ride it, you can be sure that there’s no way a Dynafit product is going to slow you down on your next trip.

This dedication to speed and lightness through innovation and technology is one of the reasons that Dynafit is so popular with some of the most elite and extreme athletes in the world. Their team roster includes ski mountaineering royalty, world-renowned expedition leaders and some of the most progressive freeride practitioners in the sport. And each one of them is constantly feeding back into the Dynafit R&D process – testing and suggesting – making sure that there’s an unending cycle of product progression from one season to the next.

Committed to the environment

Like many brands who operate in the outdoor industry, Dynafit appreciate that it’s their responsibility to protect the natural environment that our sports call home. As well as devoting a fair amount of resource to protecting their beloved snow leopard, Dynafit have put in place a whole range of other environmentally conscious policies and processes. 

Unlike a lot of their competitors, Dynafit try to manufacture as much as possible of their kit within Europe – with 100% of their ski boots, bindings and skis manufactured there. They’ve also signed up to various international initiatives and partnerships that show their commitment to reducing harm from their supply chain and manufacturing processes.

50% of their textile products are certified by Bluesign, which means that they’re sustainable and don’t use chemicals and techniques that can harm the environment. While they’re working hard to increase that number all the time, it’s just one of the many steps that Dynafit take to ensure that the product you use is as environmentally-friendly as it can be.

Need a little help?

We know that choosing your next set of skis, boots or bindings can be a tricky business. Sometimes it’s good to go back to basics, remind yourself of the key technology and attributes that separate one product from the next. That’s why we put together this set of handy gear guides, where you’ll find a free ski buying guide, boot buying guide and binding buying guide with everything you need to know.

Check them out, and if you still have any questions or you’d rather speak to a real human being – just get in touch! Our friendly and knowledgeable team are here to help whenever you need us.