EQ Seals Ear Plugs

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EQ Seals Balance Pro Ear Plugs for surfing and watersports have been carefully developed by Ear Surgeons, Consultants and Doctors who have extensive experience in the effect and damage caused by continual exposure to salt water and clorinated water in the ear canal when surfing, swimming, wind surfing and other water-sports.

The EQ Seals Balance Pro Ear Plug is the first ear plug that has been medically tested and proven to effectively limit or significantly reduce Surfers Ear, as its commonly know. Exostosis and Otitis are common medical conditions that are a narrowing or of the ear canal and the development of bony growths which in turn trap water and debris limiting the ability to clear water out of your ear and in turn can cause painful ear infections.

Eq Seals Balance Pro Silicone Ear Plug is flexible and uses a breathable Sympatex membrane which allows your ear to breathe and allows air to circulate in the ear canal whilst protecting your ear from the cold, wind, water ingress and pollution found when swimming or surfing.